The dog bed

Your best friend deserves the best comfort, too

63 × 52 × 15 cm
( Chihuahua through to Beagle )

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91 × 71 × 17 cm
( Blue Heeler through to Labrador or Shepherd )

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Gel infused memory foam

Durable, washable cover

Non-slip underside

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Designed for doggy comfort

Every pet owner knows dogs are part of the family, and they need good sleep, too. Our dog mattress bed is designed specifically for good pups like yours, to give them comfort, heat regulation, and pressure relief for their joints.

If your furry friend is getting a bit long in the tooth, orthopedic dog beds like ours can drastically improve their quality of life as they age. In fact, dogs of all ages can benefit from an orthopedic dog bed. Read on to learn more about our dog beds, and let sleeping dogs lie.

Heat control

Dogs’ body temperature is a few degrees hotter than humans, so our dog mattress uses gel infused memory foam to help disperse heat and keep your furry friend cool, especially in hot Australian summers.

Soft and supportive

It’s not just humans who like to feel comfortable when we sleep. Our dog bed uses memory foam to accommodate all manner of curves and bumps to relieve pressure on sore doggy joints.

Durable and washable

The dog bed cover is a durable suede-feel material that can withstand even the roughest dogs. It’s also machine washable, and unlike your dog, the cover won’t fight back when you try to wash it.

No slipping

If your doggo is the type to get excited and take a running jump into their bed, they won’t go sliding into a wall thanks to our non-slip underside. It’s perfect for all those beagles and cocker spaniels out there.

Good dogs deserve good sleep,
and all dogs are good.

If you wouldn't sleep on it, neither should your dog

Gel infused memory foam is a fantastic sleep material for both humans and our furry friends. We're not that different after all. The gel infused foam helps dogs regulate their body temperature as well as helping to relive pressure on their joints. This is especially helpful for older dogs who might be struggling with their mobility.

It gets hot under all that fur

So help your furry bestie regulate their body temperature while they sleep. Gel infused memory foam is great for absorbing and dispersing heat, which is why we use it in our human mattress too. This can help prevent some major discomfort for your doggo during our hot summers.

“Best orthopaedic dog bed in Australia!”

“I was searching high and low for a good orthopaedic dog bed for our 16.5 year old Maltese baby… This is the only dog bed I’ve found that is made of good quality memory foam. It was a no-brainer given the quality and 30 day return policy! Our little old man happily gets in, snuggles his nose into the corners and rests his weary head all day long. Love, love, love the quality of the bed!”

That’s what Helen D had to say about our dog bed. See for yourself how much your dog will love their new bed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our dog bed comes with a 12-month warranty against manufacturer or product defects.
If your dog doesn't want to use its new bed, we offer a 100 nights returns policy. We promise we won't be offended if your doggo doesn't like the mattress — our furry friends are all different.
Orthopedic dog beds are the best possible sleeping solution for your pets. If your dog is getting older or if they have problems with their joints or mobility, a memory foam dog bed can help alleviate pressure and reduce stiffness. It's just like using memory foam in your human bed, it reduces pressure in your joints and helps your muscles relax. If they're young and spry, your dog may not need a super comfy dog mattress. But that doesn't mean they don't want the very best bed. Other non-orthopedic dog beds simply aren't good enough. They lack high quality memory foam, and are instead made up of cheaper, less resilient foam. This means that your dog won't be as comfortable, and you'll probably have to replace the dog bed sooner rather than later.
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