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What’s the deal with firm mattresses?


All your hard questions — answered People often debate about what type of mattress is the best. Should you get a firm mattress or a soft one? What’s the difference, anyway? And does it really matter? The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. What’s comfortable for one person might not be comfortable …

Everything you need to know about latex mattresses


The must-have, mattress material with softness and bounce Latex’s unparalleled rebound, softness and resilience make it a great, functional mattress material. As a comfort layer, it feels good and rebounds and recovers quickly from compression. Latex mattresses are often made of natural latex, which is harvested from rubber trees. Mattresses made from synthetic latex or …

Side sleepers’ guide to the best pillow for neck & shoulder pain


Relieve your aches and pains by choosing the right pillow for side sleeping Nobody should go to sleep dreading waking up. But when you know the first thing you’ll have to do in the morning is roll your stiff neck and stretch open your hunched shoulders, listening to the pop and crackle of your joints …