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Sleep Republic Mattress obtains CHOICE recommendation for fourth year in a row!

The quality of the Sleep Republic Mattress was evident again after receiving the recognition from CHOICE as a Recommended Mattress for 2024.

CHOICE is a consumer advocacy group from Australia. ¨Formed at a meeting at Sydney Town Hall in September 1959, the Australian Consumers’ Association started out with about 50 members and 50 pounds in the bank. In April 1960, the first edition of CHOICE magazine was sent to 500 subscribers. There was clearly a need – within a year, the magazine had 10,000 subscribers and by the end of the decade, more than 100,000¨(CHOICE).

Since then, CHOICE has become a trusted way to learn about Australian made products.

What makes Sleep Republic Mattress so special?

More pocket springs for more support: The more springs in a mattress, the more support you receive. That’s why we’ve squeezed as many as 2500 springs into one mattress.

Sleep-inducing support: Those 2500 springs provide support in 5 specific body zones and for co-sleepers, you won’t even know your partner is there.

Increased breathability: Natural latex regulates airflow and body temperature through thousands of ventilation holes.

Comfortable contouring: Gel-infused memory foam contours to your body, providing pressure relief.

Sweat Repellent: A mattress absorbing sweat can lead to unpleasant odours and deterioration in quality. However, the Sleep Republic mattress excelled in CHOICE’s sweat repellent test, receiving a perfect score. The testers found that it did not retain any fluids, making it the ideal choice for even the sweatiest sleepers. Enjoy a clean and fresh sleep experience with Sleep Republic.

Tested for ensure comfort: The Sleep Republic mattress underwent rigorous comfort retention tests. After subjecting the mattress to wear and tear equivalent to years of use, it demonstrated outstanding results in maintaining comfort. Regardless of body type or shape, both male and female testers reported a high level of comfort, validating Sleep Republic’s commitment to ensuring exceptional sleep quality.

One of the most interesting facts is that comes packed in a box! Easy to transport when moving is a bonus of this amazing product. To get yours, only have to click here.