Dog Bed

The Sleep Republic Pet Mattress

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Pet (Dog) Mattress

Dogs are just as much a part of the family as anyone else, why shouldn’t they get the same level of comfort as we do? Introducing the Sleep Republic Dog Bed, the im-paws-ibly (sorry we had to) comfortable sleep solution that will have Fido begging for bedtime!

Size info

63 × 52 × 15 cm
( Chihuahua through to Beagle )

Size info

91 × 71 × 17 cm
( Blue Heeler through to Labrador or Shepherd )


Where K9 Dreams Are Made

Designed For Dogs

Gel Infused Memory foam – “K9 Foam”

Keeps dogs cool while they sleep, because ‘Dogs are people too’. Science fact – dogs body temperature is a couple of degrees higher than humans. The gel dissipates heat and the memory foam accommodates all manner of curves and bumps to relieve pressure on sore doggy joints.

Durable, removable washable
suede feel cover

The strong suede feel fabric is designed to handle tough treatment. Dogs chew, lick and scratch their beds and the cover can be removed and washed, it’s a lot easier than washing your dog!

Non slip underside

Dogs can run and jump into their bed or roll and play in it and they won’t go shooting across your living room floor, keeping those vases safe.

Microfibre pillow wall border

Pets want to be comfortable and instinctively like the security of ‘nests’, we’ve added a micro fibre pillow border to the mattress so their necks have the proper support. Also helps pups to feel snug and secure while they sleep.

12 month warranty against manufacture or product defects.
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