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Sleep Republic® Essential Oil

Cashmere knitted fabric, gel infused memory foam & natural latex come together with our exclusive High Definition pocket spring system to create the perfect hybrid mattress feel.

The Perfect Hybrid Mattress
From decades of experience in designing, making and selling mattresses we put it all together to bring you the best hybrid mattress design.
Cashmere Knitted Fabric
We selected Cashmere fabric for the mattress surface material because we wanted a natural fabric that was soft to the touch, yet remained extremely durable.
Gel Infused Memory Foam
Developed by NASA for the ultimate in pressure relief and body contouring with Gel added for temperature stability.
Natural Latex
Natural and renewable, Latex gives outstanding support and recovery as well as added air flow and cooling with thousands of ventilation holes.
High Definition Pocket Spring
2,250 springs (King size) mean no partner disturbance and a longer product life. More support in 5 specific body zones and maximum ventilation through the core for a cooler, healthier sleep.
Dynamic Edge Support
Made of firmer high tensile steel springs, the edge support surrounds the mattress and allows full use of the total surface and for sleeper to lie up to the edge without roll-off.
3D Spacer Fabric
Our side panels are designed to let air circulate throughout your mattress. Mattresses need to breathe too you know!
How Does A Hybrid Mattress Feel?

The Sleep Republic hybrid mattress is medium/firm feel. Why? Because years of customer feedback has told us that this is what the vast majority of people (even years after buying one) are happy with. Despite the notion that complete softness is required in order to achieve a perfect night’s sleep, we have found that the foam vs spring debate is moot: a soft mattress simply does not cut it. The same can be said for those contemplating a very firm mattress. A rock-hard mattress wears surprisingly thin after just a few nights.

The best mattress for back pain offers a high level of support – which is exactly what we have designed. The HD Pocket Springs for support, married with the gel infused memory foam and latex pillow top for comfort make quite sure of it. Not too soft, not too hard; the best of both worlds.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try it free for 100 nights and find out for yourself how to sleep well.

High Definition Pocket Spring System

We set out to design a mattress that reflected the absolute best in comfort, support & durability that will provide the best bedtime experience for the sleeper.

The foam vs spring debate is over. From decades of mattress designing, manufacturing and selling experience there’s absolutely no doubt in our mind that pocket springs deliver a far superior product than foam core or alternative spring types.

Knowing how to choose your mattress can be a challenging process, but it’s made easier with facts. Pocket spring cores have significant measurable advantages over foam core mattresses;

  • Pocket springs allow different body zoning to reflect body shape/weight characteristics – only the most expensive foam mattresses can attempt to replicate
  • High tensile steel springs are more durable, have a longer life and are less prone to body imprint and sagging than foam where its cellular structure is prone to breakdown over time
  • Pocket springs allow far better ventilation than foam, allowing a more healthy sleeping environment and avoiding moisture and bacteria build up
  • Foam contains VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) – the more foam in a mattress the more VOCs there are. (Our foam in the pillow top is CertiPUR-US certified for low VOCs)
  • Pocket springs provide stronger side support, which prevents ‘roll off’ that occurs with foam’s soft edges.

The key to Pocket springs is that each spring is free to move individually in response to the weight applied, meaning a mattress that is responsive and yet has less movement transfer to a bed partner.

Not content with standard pocket springs, we went a step further and designed a core that didn’t just have the usual 630 odd springs, but has 1850 springs in a Queen.

We didn’t just take the standard spring and use more of them; we re-designed the height, diameter, number of coils and resistance so that collectively the individually pocketed springs provided the right support and feel

Why 1850 Springs And Not 1000 Or 2400?

Because we found that the 1850 spring configuration provides the optimum body support. Fewer springs and the partner disturbance transfer is higher, too many and the feel is too firm.

As well as this we configured the core into 5 zones because we found that 5 give the optimum alignment and support for the body’s head, shoulder, hip, leg and foot zones.

Finally we configured a perimeter of stronger tensile steel springs that run around the entire mattress and allow the full sleeping surface to be used, no feeling of rolling off the edge on this baby!

This is the exclusive Sleep Republic High Definition Spring System story.

Where can I try the mattress?

We don’t have showrooms because spending a few minutes on it in a showroom doesn’t tell you what it will be like to sleep on night after night. Instead we give you 100 nights to make sure you love it, and if you don’t we collect the mattress and refund your money in full – no questions asked!

How does the mattress feel?

The mattress is medium/firm feel. We designed it with a comfort layer that has the perfect amount of give and softness while the support core delivers excellent body support exactly where required through the five support zones and high spring count.

What is so special about the Sleep Republic mattress?

Embodying decades of design and manufacturing experience, the mattress has at its core a support structure like no other. The High Definition core support spring count (2250 in a King and 1850 in a Queen) delivers outstanding support, less partner disturbance and better durability. Other mattresses claim high spring counts but none match the core support count of Sleep Republic.

…and All This, Amazingly, Comes Delivered In A Box!
Releasing Your Inner Mattress
Releasing your mattress couldn’t be simpler. Just follow the five steps on the opening instructions inside the mattress box. Most important of all however is enjoy the experience – there can be no replays, until you buy your next Sleep Republic mattress

Not Sure What Size You Need?

We’ve got more information on the Sleep Republic Single, King Single, Double, Queen, and King size mattresses, including dimensions and who they are best suited for at the links below.

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