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About the Sheets

Everyone should have these sheets! Our 100% bamboo sheets continue getting softer with each wash. Machine washable, breathable and durable, they are the perfect addition to your Sleep Republic mattress.

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1 Flat Sheet 255 x 260 cm
1x Fitted sheet 153 x 203 x44 cm
2x pillowcases 48 x 74 cm

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1 Flat sheet 285 x 260 cm
1x Fitted sheet 183 x 203 x 44 cm
2x pillowcases 48 x 74 cm

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Brilliant White

You’ll love bed time

You’ve made an investment in your mattress, but to ensure you will ‘Love Bedtime’ you need to spend as much thought in selecting your bedsheets.

We’ve spent years looking for and testing the perfect sheets for your Sleep Republic mattress.

We selected 100% bamboo fibre because of its softness, drape, breathability and natural composition.

These sheets have a weave pattern much richer than standard bamboo, ensuring softness, perfect drape and resistance to pilling.

Bamboo Fabric
Made from pure renewable plantation bamboo.
Softer And Softer
Our bamboo sheets continue getting softer after each wash. Machine wash on cold or warm cycle, can be tumble dried on medium heat or line dried.
Being a natural fibre these sheets breathe and wick moisture remarkably well.
Once you try our pure bamboo fitted sheets, you may not ever want to leave bed!
The bed sheet set is the perfect addition to your new mattress
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The perfect bamboo bed sheets for everyday use

When trying to improve your sleep, people tend to believe their mattress is the only factor which determines a good night’s sleep. Little do they know that bed sheets play an important role in your sleeping habits. Poor quality bed sheets can affect your temperature control, comfort and wear out quickly with everyday use.

Not all bedsheets are created equal. Bamboo has been around for thousands of years but has recently gained popularity as the best choice for quality, long-lasting bed sheets as they supersede cotton bedsheets with their many benefits.

Here are a few points that outline why bamboo is superior:

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Bamboo is a stronger fibre than cotton, meaning with proper care, your bedsheets will last you for years to come. Bamboo doesn’t absorb the oils from your skin so you won’t end up with the typical yellow and grey finish over time. No special care is needed, simply pop them in a cold or warm machine wash and tumble or line dry them.


Don’t confuse durability with comfort. Softer than some Egyptian cotton sheets? You bet they are (and more affordable too)! Even with regular washing, our 100% organic bamboo bedsheets are super soft and actually keep getting softer over time. Enjoy the comfort of soft sheets that will keep you sleeping soundly throughout the night.


If you’re an allergy sufferer, we feel for you. Our bamboo bedsheets are naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial to help you get a better night’s sleep. Their moisture wicking ability means one of the primary culprits of allergies, dust mites, don’t settle into your bed. Cotton is often treated with harsh chemicals; however, bamboo doesn’t require pesticides, which makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin.


Our bamboo bed sheets are exceptionally absorbent and have high moisture wicking capability. If you are a hot sleeper and tend to sweat a lot in bed, these bamboo sheets will keep you dry all night. They are also more breathable than cotton sheets and won’t trap excess heat under the covers. Bamboo sheets are a bed sheet for all seasons!


Did you know that bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and produces a smaller carbon footprint than cotton bed sheets? They require less water than cotton crops and regrow on their own! No invasive re-planting is necessary. Our 100% bamboo bed sheets are made with renewable plantation bamboo, meaning you can sleep well knowing your bed sheets aren’t harming the environment.

Don’t just take our word for it – read the customer reviews below about our bamboo bed sheets!

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