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We know how important it is to have the correct base supporting your mattress.

Like a building foundation, your mattress base is an essential part of your sleep solution. A poorly designed base can add to partner disturbance, poor sleep and can damage your mattress investment.

We have designed a perfect base from the ground up to complement our mattress and any other.

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27 in stock

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27 in stock

155 × 205 × 35 cm

27 in stock

185 × 205 × 35 cm
Easy Assembly

No screws required, put away the drill and hammer – pick up the Allen key. No measuring the gaps between the slats, no nails screws or curses. Corner brackets pre-positioned, just slot in.

Easy on the Eyes

Designed to look good too with a stylish and easily applied fabric cover. No unsightly joins.


Designed with stronger laminated slats, up to 50% thicker than many standard bases so you’re not sleeping on a trampoline. Slats 1.5cm thick prevent bowing, flexing and breakage. Box girder end and side beams for added strength.

Better Support

More slats (14 vs. a standard 10 or 12) so both you and your mattress aren’t left hanging, but get the support you deserve. Mind the gap! Many bases leave excessive gaps between slats that can damage unsupported pocket springs. Steel centre beam and support leg.

5 Year Warranty

Manufactured to last, we provide you with 1,825 days and nights of warranty cover when you purchase your base.


Every mattress needs a supportive base

Many people believe that a good quality mattress is all you need for a good night’s sleep; however, your mattress base is an equally contributing factor. An unsupportive bed base can undo all the hard work of a supportive mattress. Even if your mattress is top of the range, like ours, your bed base could be letting you down, literally!

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A stable foundation helps to maintain the structural integrity of a good mattress and also increases longevity. It is also important for your health, as a poor-quality mattress base can affect your sleep quality.

So how do you know what makes a good bed base and how can you benefit from one?

A solid build

Your mattress base will need to be able to hold the continuous weight of a mattress without sagging, creaking or moving. On top of that, it needs to support you too! Thick slats will limit the amount of movement in your bed, allowing you to sleep soundly, even when you have a partner that likes to toss and turn.


A mattress will provide a certain level of support for your spine, but any benefits of a good mattress can be let down by your bed base. Excessive gaps in a base encourage the mattress to sag. This can damage the mattress and leave you feeling less supported, leading to aches and pains when you wake up. It will also wear out your mattress faster.


This might seem like a strange thing to consider when buying a bed base, but proper air circulation will help to keep your mattress fresh and increase its lifespan. Slatted bases will ensure that air can circulate around your mattress and prevent the growth of bacteria and other nasties, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come. This is important for people with allergies and can help lessen the effects of allergens on their sleep.


We are so confident in our mattress base design that we offer a 5-year warranty, meaning you can rest easy knowing you will be taken care of if anything goes wrong.

Discover why our mattress base is the best in the business by reading our fantastic customer reviews below!

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Like our mattress, the base comes in a box with wheels for easy manoeuvring; upstairs, narrow hallways, tight corners? No problem. Moving again? No problem.

Bed Base Dimensions

Queen Bed Base
155 × 205 × 35 cm
King Bed Base
185 × 205 × 35 cm
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