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Great service for a budget price

We have had our Sleep Republic mattress for just over 3 months and have the opportunity to send it back if we don’t like it. (100 day trial period)
It’s not going back. This is the most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on including the $3000 plus big name brand.
Goes to show that you can get a quality product with great service for a budget price.
Sorry Sleep Republic, this mattress is staying right where it is in our bedroom.

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Robyn Parker
Great mattress

Great mattress. I’m shocked how good this mattress is for the price-point. There just isn’t any need (anymore) to spent multiple thousands on the traditional mattresses. Some complain memory foam/ latex mattresses are “hot” but I didn’t notice much difference in the Sydney heat (esp all the hot nights of early 2017), so that’s not a worry – and I’m a hot sleeper.

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Tim French
Exactly like the website promised!

It’s rare to have a product described exactly as promised on a website, but this mattress is exactly that: a medium/firm feel mattress that gives just a little bit without feeling like you’re drowning in mattress. As a side sleeper who had suffered through an increasingly broken down old spring mattress and a husband who didn’t understand what he thought I was moaning about, the SR mattress is a balm to my soul. I look forward every night to tucking in. In fact, I think my bedtimes are getting earlier because I love being in it. The memory foam top supports my lower back and hips incredibly well… so much so that my pain has virtually disappeared – side sleepers will understand how sore hips can get in that sleeping position with no cushioning or give underneath. The mattress has an incredible build quality … it’s very heavy from all those springs (as compared to my previous mattress) and I can see how those springs support our combined weight – there is no rolling feeling and I can hardly feel any movement. Lying down on it is almost like lying on a cloud. The pressure just ceases as the comfort top takes over. My husband finally realises what he’s been missing after all these years. I was concerned, being in Far North Queensland that the mattress would ‘sleep hot’. I have found that it does sleep warmer than the other mattress, but my husband thinks it’s perfect – and he is usually more temperature sensitive than I am. There was a small mix up at delivery and I was most impressed that the director of the company rang me to apologise. I genuinely appreciate that gesture. I chose this company because its website was clear, easy to understand and transparent in its service offer. Thus far, I have been impressed that it is. I’ll continue to support this company and hope to purchase their pillows in the near future. They obviously have a real passion for sleep and I’d trust that their pillow design would meet standards set by the bed.

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Sleep Easy

We recently upgraded our 10 year old mattress with a Sleep Republic combination memory foam/pocket spring mattress. They offered a 100 day return policy if we were not completely satisfied with it, an offer we will not be taking up! Very comfortable and with the pocket springs you do not feel your partner moving. I think they only sell online but that is fine with their guarantee. The was a delivery delay and to compensate us for the inconvenience they threw in a set of sheets. Great customer service.

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Great mattress

Great mattress have had mine for approx 3 1/2 months, It was delivered within 3 days of purchase, the delivery chap even set it up for me. Great service. I would have liked it to be slightly softer, it is just a little more on the firm than medium side. The biggest draw back for me is the mattress is far to heavy for me to rotate or turn over by myself. It could be improved with handles for easier rotation. On the up side, no sagging, and back aches gone.

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Jewels Dion
The perfect mattress

This is without doubt the best mattress I’ve slept on. I originally purchased an all foam mattress and I tried to make it work, but after three weeks I decided to return it. It was like sleeping on a slab of bricks. My brother recommended the Sleep Republic mattress and it’s perfect.

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Very high quality product

I was a little untrusting of the ‘mattress in a box concept’. Sean and Tom at Sleep Republic were informative, objective and proactive in answering my questions and take a genuine interest in their customers. They were hugely responsive when i had some issues with the delivery company (they now use a different company) and do everything to make sure you are satisfied. When delivered, the mattress is probably the most beautiful and high quality mattress i have ever seen, it is well made and very comfortable. I tried it for a month and in the end it wasn’t right for me- I am 55kg and sleep on my back and found it too soft for me, but that being said, I would never discourage anyone from trying this mattress as i imagine for most people it’s an absolute dream. Sean and Tom have been lovely in helping me arrange for the return and so all round I can only commend this lovely Australian company.

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Completely changed my quality of sleep!
My family has been using the Sleep Republic mattress for the past six months, and it has drastically improved our quality of sleep, even when our toddler climbs into bed with us in the middle of the night! It’s just the right amount of firmness that I don’t even feel my partner move when he has to wake up earlier in the mornings. The set up was super easy, and the customer service has been exceptional. I just wish we would have gotten one sooner!
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Tessa L
Very happy

I bought this mattress for my 12 year old daughter. She’s very happy with it. The only problem is whenever I lie down beside her, I fall asleep…it is SO divine !!! Hard to explain why – I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud but perfectly supported. Give it a try.

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Better than $5K mattress

I tried Sleep Republic mattress based on positive review on this website. Turned out it was as good as what everyone said. My wife and I have different preferences when it come to firm/soft level of the mattress but we both can agree on Sleep Republic mattress being just right for both of us. It is also keeping the temperature right since it is not latex. All in all it is better than our previous $5K mattress and we never look back.
We bought the King size mattress and it is VERY HEAVY! Make sure you have someone to assist since it is not something you can handle yourself if you are taking it up through a staircase.

The only concern we have was the third party courier engaged by them to do the delivery, the operator just lied about having picked up the mattress for delivery and attempted the delivery when they have not done so. The second operator actually have to pick up the mattress for delivery from the warehouse after we escalated it.

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Great mattress & really competitive price.

Bought a King Single & a Queen, Mattresses are everything they claim, and the other reviews I read before purchase are accurate. My partner and I follow each other around the bed at night, and can stay close whilst still being fully supported !!
Whole order and delivery process was easy, Thanks.

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Mattress a bit firm fo me but the company great!

Unfortunately this mattress was too firm for me as I am very light. However the after sales service was great, they had the mattress picked up as discussed and the refund was given straight away after. The product is great.

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Outstanding Service & Commitment

Trialed the SR King Size mattress, was a great relief for us thermally, very cool sleep conditions compared to a really expensive King Koil mattress which is comfortable but can run hot, was a close match for my own comfort needs but unfortunately not for my wife, she found it a bit too firm & she is by no means in poor shape or a softy…..just didn’t work out for us :(.

Such a shame as the buying process, delivery & then the subsequent return experience was everything that it claimed to be, really sorry we could not retain the mattress & solve our case.

Tom & Sean from SR were such a pleasure to deal with…hopefully in future there will be another grade available for our needs.

Keep up the awesome work guys & once again thank you.

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Loving and dreaming…this is a great mattress

We researched mattresses for weeks and weeks having made a poor choice last year on an expensive mattress which we sold on at a loss … we love our new Sleep Republic mattress, very comfortable, medium-firm yet soft. The body relaxes easily, minimal partner disturbance. No longer need the lambswool underlay, in fact, it felt too soft with it. Great for dreams, sleeping and loving….we’ve called it the dream factory (perhaps due to undisturbed sleep so the body is able to go through all the sleep patterns undisturbed?). Delivery great, 4 days to regional Australia, customer service perfect. Needed a few days to lose the smell, but fine now. Very, very happy customers who will NOT NEED the generous 100 day refund!

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A life saver!

I purchased this mattress a few months ago and could not be happier. I suffer from knee pain at night and I find the quality of the mattress makes a big difference. Since purchasing this mattress I have been pain free. The Sleep Republic mattress is so comfortable but simultaneously gives me the support I require to prevent the pain in my knee. I like a very soft top but once I put my mattress topper on top I have the best of both worlds! Delivery and communication were both exemplary.

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Bernadette C
Great Mattress!!

The first reason I tried this mattress was,i had nothing to loose, knowing I could get my full money back! after 100 days trial. Since the first nights sleep, my back pain has gone, its the best nights sleep I have had in years, my old bones and joints are pain free. Thanks to a great quality & affordable product. I enjoy going to sleep every night and waking up with a spring in my step! Certainly recommend trying it you wont be disappointed!!!

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Bang on the money

Bang on the money. Great service, fast delivery and a fantastic product. Absolutely murders the in-store offers in every way.

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Damian Cargakis
Highly recommend!!

I have just purchased my third mattress from
The Sleep Republic so obviously very happy with the product. Everyone who sleeps in the guest bedroom comments how comfy it is. Highly recommend!!

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Emily Walker
Great Quality and Service

Living in a regional area, my choice of mattress suppliers was limited and their prices were exorbitant so I started investigating “bed in a box”. My requirements? A firm mattress with no partner disturbance. With the 100-night money back guarantee, I took the risk and bought the Sleep Republic Queen mattress. It took 12 days to arrive and I have been using it now for 2 months.

The set-up was easy but needed 2 people to negotiate.

Although it is not a firm feel, it is supportive and very comfortable. Such a strange combination – the conorming memory foam on top with complete support from the firm pocket springs. Very good back and hip support. I know when my partner is moving but the movement is subtle and my stomach has stopped rolling every time he moves.

The one negative is the bed is very heavy, making it difficult to tuck sheets in. I also needed to change my pillow due to the realignment of my spine given the slight sinking into the memory foam.

I am very happy with this purchase and the service I received. The correspondence was personable, the delivery was prompt and the product is top notch.

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The Search is Over!

The Sleep Republic mattress ticks all the boxes for comfort, service, affordability, and convenience. Initially we were impressed by the engaging website and the ability to actually test it for 100 days! We researched and read the reviews from customers who seemed articulate and sincere. We love the progressive technology and the thorough consideration of the design. The packaging, including the blade, is stylish and actually incredible. The mattress folded out seamlessly and there was no odour. The customer service was amazing! Emails were answered quickly, thoroughly and respectfully. We have woken up feeling refreshed, pain free (I have scoliosis) and ready for our busy days. Thank you to the Sleep Republic tea

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An amazing & comfortable mattress

We have only had ours a week & today is the first time in years where my neck has not been sore! An amazing & comfortable mattress 

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Absolutely love mine & so does by husband

Absolutely love mine & so does by husband. We searched everywhere for a mattress we both liked. I like mine soft he liked a firmer mattress. This amazingly suits both of us. It’s like sleeping on a cloud but still with support. Thanks again, I won’t be returning mine.  Also the customer service was outstanding.

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Sleep was great

I just got one, luxuriously soft pillow top yet very supportive. First night’s sleep was great. I would be surprised if I had to return it within 100 days.

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just try it

wow what a mattress after spending a whole weekend going from mattress shop to mattress trying every mattress ever made and still not finding one that was not a total rip off! i found this website and read the review on the sleep republic mattress’s and with the 101 day trial i thought how could i go wrong and what do you have to lose money back this company has such a high regard for there product that they will donate it to charity if you dont love it, so i rang on monday morning and ordered the mattress at 11am and i live in port macquarie o n the mid north coast and was told i should have it in 5 days by (friday) wrong it turned up in 3 day (wednesday) afternoon i got a call from the courier asking if it can be dropped off again wow what service the shops that i went to to try mattress wanted me to wait 3 weeks for most of them to come in. After unwrapping the mattress and sleeping on it for nearly 60 days i can not find any faults at all but i dont have any medical problems ie back pain. even when my partner stays over we do end up having a great night.

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wizzbixPort Macquarie, New South Wales
The Mattress that Lives Up to it’s Well Deserved Reputation

After much research both online and in stores we decided to try the Sleep Republic mattress, this decision was mainly due to the great online reviews especially from people who had back problems. I have recently had a back injury with a huge increase in pain after a restless nights broken sleep, this was despite our old mattress only being a couple of years old and of a good quality. Although we have only had our mattress since July I can truly say it has made a huge difference to my quality of sleep and the level of pain I am in when I wake. It is not a miracle cure but has definitely helped. My husband who does not have an injury also Loves the mattress he has a much better nights sleep. It is hard to describe how it feels as it is neither soft nor hard but is very supportive and just moulds to your body, no matter which way you are sleeping.
We are absolutely loving the mattress and recommend it to everyone. We had been thinking of getting a King Size bed only because our Fur baby also enjoys the mattress and tends to push us out a bit but when its just the two of us a Queen seems way bigger as there is absolutely No Roll Together.
Plus the price was incredible value as we were about to buy a Tempur bed which is well over 4 times the price and it didn’t feel as good. I am so glad we found these guys online and I can tell you their customer service from both their company and the delivery company is also outstanding.
Well done guys on producing a Top of the Line Product.

Thank you for your great service and a Wonderful Product.

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L.A.Rockingham WA
Great company to deal with

Well, where do I start! After reading all the reviews here, I, and not my partner, (he doesn’t like me to order anything on-line) decided to order a mattress from Sleep Republic for several reasons. 1:Read many reviews on Product Review which were very complimentary. 2. We are in a country area and to purchase a mattress, we would have to travel many kilometres with a trailer, to collect. 3. Sleep Republic offered to deliver to our area (after checking with Sean that our area was deliverable).
Nine days later (our local delivery man is 82 year s old and only delivers once a week) we received our mattress. NOTE: When receiving the delivery, check the length of the box. We did not do this, and the box was marked Queen, which we had ordered.
Unboxed and positioned on the bed. I noted that it overlapped, but assumed it would take up when it inflated. NO!
It was a King Size. Rang Sleep Republic who were most apologetic and offered to send a replacement immediately and to pick up the incorrect size. No, we did not rebox the incorrect mattress, it’s impossible!
Sean and Tom were absolutely fabulous with their attentiveness and concern.
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sleep Republic for their customer service and individual consideration.
Husband initially said, “I told you not to order things on-line”. He is now saying “Sleep Republic is brilliant”.
I will add a review later, after we have slept on the Sleep Republic mattress for a few more nights.
So far it’s great ( after two nights).
Again, big thanks to Sean and Tom!

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Reed213Walker Flat
I did lots of home work but was still worried…

I have only had the mattress for a few weeks and I am happy to review again in a year or two – I love this mattress. I wake up feeling rested with no aches and pains. This has made a huge difference. Delivery was very professional and prompt and helpful (as he took it right to the room.). This mattress worked out to be $500 cheaper than its competition – and with the slightly firmer sides – I think it is better. (I tested a friends mattress.) very happy!

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Most comfortable sleep in ages!

I have recently purchased a queen size Sleep Republic mattress and couldn’t be happier with my decision. I have shoulder and hip issues which are personified at night while trying to sleep but not with my new mattress! I am sleeping straight through the night. My days are also so much better after a good night sleep. Not only is the mattress fabulous the service was also great. Packaging and delivery couldn’t have been better. Thanks Sleep Republic!

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Random Passage
Don’t know how it could be better – everythin exactly as they offer

WA we are often overlooked but free delivery in 4,days was fantastic start. The unwrapping is totall amazing but just in a short time it is good for use
I have used for two weeks and I find it just perfect exactly as they have said not too soft and not too hard I really find I want to get to bed early now days! I work heavy job and my body is thanking me for this investment.

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Excellent service but mattress not suited to me- too soft

The company were great in that it was sent promptly and they stuck by their return/refund policy and promptly picked up the mattress (the Salvos came) and refunded my money. So 5 stars for the company.
I found the mattress to be of good quality and very cosy to lie upon, its lovey and soft and warm. However my back didn’t like it one bit as it sinks too much and my back needs a firm surface. If you do not suffer with back problems and you like that cushy feel, then this mattress would be great. If you need a firm mattress do not consider this one, its too soft and sinking. I have slept in softer mattresses though, I would rate it as soft to medium, rather than their own rating of medium firm. I guess they are subjective terms. I since bought a continuous coil mattress and this is better as it is firmer.

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Best Mattress ever

I was sick of waking up so sore from our Dream-master Mattress, I did a google search ……….and came across Sleep Republic
after asking Tom lots of questions online, as was a bit scared to order something online that I couldn’t lay on an try…….2 weeks on more questions for Tom……….I order a king size…..
We live in Perth, Western Australia………7 days later it arrived, and that night & every night since receiving our Mattress on 10/6/2016 My hubby & I have had the best sleep in 10 years & no more waking up in the mornings sore an unable to move almost.
if you are in doubt……….I would recommend buying a Sleep Republic Mattress
I looked at reviews from all brands & Sleep Republic came up number 1
our Mattress is a King ….Medium/firmness an is so great…… heaven

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Could it be? The One? Without spending your weekends in stores? YES!

I ordered a Sleep Republic single mattress based solely on reviews on this site. I am now so impressed I had to add my own review. We will order another single so each child can have one and a king for ourselves, retiring our 6 year old big store big name brand mattress to the guest room. Here is my breakdown of the service/product ratings:
Ordering: 10/10 ease, online customer service
Delivery: 10/10 instructions came early with special opener, mattress arrived 2 days early
Opening: 8/10 follow your instructions well! Stay back and keep kids and pets out of the way
Product: 10/10 reshapes quickly, looks great, feels great, good height
Sleep: 10/10 Grandma is visiting from Canada and did not sleep well until this mattress arrived. She said she’d buy one if they sold them in Canada. I sneak into the guest room just to lie on it a bit. Wonderful!
The most important factor for us was that we could return it if the mattress did not suit us.
Thank you Sleep Republic for saving our weekend time, energy and for giving us a superior product with great customer service. Well done!

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Great mattress at a great price.

3 nights into my sleep republic and best I’ve slept for years. I would definitely recommend. Delivery is super easy, just be ready for the mattress to pop out of the box as you start unwrapping!

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Super Comfortable Bed!

I was a bit skeptical about how comfortable a bed from a box would be – as soon as I laid down all doubts were removed! I had a fantastic night sleep, it is the perfect combination of soft yet supportive. I highly recommend these mattresses! It was easy to order, delivery was quick and fantastic customer service as well.

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The perfect mattress

My previous mattress lasted 15+ years so I knew I wanted a similar style mattress but I was also intrigued by the great reviews received from these “mattress in a box” online companies. After etensive research I decided on Sleep Republic as I know that the construction of their mattress is much better than the popular foam based mattresses sold by other popular online companies. I also like that I sm supporting an Australian start up as well. The price was incredibly good considering the mattress is made of a high density pocket spring system with an additional natural latex support layer and memory foam comfort layer. The cashmere mattress covering on top is a nice touch also.

The mattress arrived 3 days after I ordered it. The handle on the box was broken but my neighbour helped me get it up the stsirs to me room. We opened the box and cut the outer plastic sheet open and unrolled the mattress before cutting the inner vaccuum sealed plastic open. The mattress grew to full size within 15-20mins and the comfort top was back to it’s original size after a couple of hours. I slept on the mattress that night and was astonished at how incredibly comfortable I was. When I woke up I was relieved that the back and hip pain I had been experiencing from my old mattress giving out was gone. I have now had this mattress for 2 weeks and I honestly can’t wait to go to bed every night. It is 31cm high (I love high beds) and the top layer ontours to your body shape as you sleep then reverts to it’s original shape once you get up.

I still have a while before the 100 day trial is up but I already know I sm keeping this one. I can’t recommend this company highly enough! Honestly, don’t even bother going to a retail store to pay thousands for a bed that you tried out for a few minutes. Get one of these instead and with delivery included and a 3 months+ no obligation home trial you have nothing to lose. Support our Aussie start ups and let heir mattress support you! I paid less than $1000 for a queen size and I think it is every bit as good as my previous $3000 mattress. Give it a go!

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Highly recommend this mattress!

Absolutely thrilled with my new mattress. I chose Sleep Republic over other companies as I knew that the pocket spring/latex/memory foam construction was what I was looking for rather than a mattress with a foam base and with a low price tag and 100 nights to test it out (plus a 12year warranty) it was a far better deal than buying a mattress from a traditional retail store. Delivery was fast, the mattress is incredibly comfortable yet very supportive and I love how high the mattress is (31cm). Highly recommend this mattress!

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Amazing customer service

I haven’t experienced customer service like this in a very long time! Tom and Sean were so great. I had a few questions before and after I bought my mattress and they were very quick to respond. The bed arrived in 3 days from ordering. The quality of the mattress was great and it stayed cool as I needed it too. Unfortunately for me the mattress was too firm and I had to return it. I actually felt terrible that I had to return it!! The guys were very understanding and my money was returned within 24 hours. Absolutely give the mattress a go, you have nothing to loose.

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Awesome mattress, great sleep.

Mattress is very comfortable so far. We only had it for 2 weeks. Seems to be good quality. I am not disturbed by my partner’s movements. I am a happy customer and would recommend it.

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Sebastien Verons
All round great mattress and buying experience, plus value for money

We both love this mattress. I Have had a sore back in bed for a while but within a few days it was gone. Decided we needed a new mattress. Was sceptical about buying one without first trying. 100 day money back deal clinched it. Excellent customer service from Tom and Sean, Delivery was actually early only 3 days with appropriate contact from deliverer. You don’t see that level of service very often. We were so happy we referred our daughter who bought one for our granddaughter. The mattress is very comfortable soft but firm extra springs on edges are supportive, unlike some mattresses which are soft and you roll off. We don’t find that the memory foam is too hot because of the gel in it. All round great mattress and buying experience, plus value for money.

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Brilliant Product, Outstanding Customer Service

This bed is fantastic!
Soft enough to be comfortable, firm enough to be supportive, brilliant heat dispersion, all around amazing.
Mr. S and the team were so helpful both through the online chat and subsequent phone calls.
They turned my order around and had a mattress at my house in two days!
Absolutely Amazing!!
Can’t recommend highly enough.

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Andrew K.
Awesome mattress.

Loved the mattress. I have been having a back ache for a while which has greatly reduced after using the mattress. The product was delivered on time to our unit which was also carried by their personnel all the way to the 9th floor. Will surely recommend it.

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Extremely helpful people and very comfortable bed

I have had my mattress a month and am really happy with it.
I had lots of questions which they patiently answered with the online chat thingy and emails. What convinced me in the end was the value and the very honest sounding explanation of why this bed is different and it has turned out to be true.
I was worried about it being hot like my last latex top but so far I am really happy this one is not at all. And it feels like it gives a lot of support but not too hard.
A friend helped get it open but it was really quite simple and it has been very comfortable from the first night no getting used to needed. I recommend it for really good value and a good sleep.

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sharryn D
Best sleep in years

I purchased my queen mattress a couple of months ago now, thought I would give it some time before writing a review. I have had many different types of mattresses over my life, latex, spring, pillow top and I can definitely say that the mattress from ‘Sleep Republic’ has to be the most supportive and comfortable mattress I have ever slept on.
Add to the great mattress, the complimentary pillows and I am now a very sound and happy sleeper.
Couldn’t recommend more highly for anyone looking for a new mattress!

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A great find…

What a great product. So comfortable and genuinely one of the best beds I’ve slept on. Couldn’t believe how easy it was to unpack and set up – 15 minutes and it was all done.

Love the complimentary pillows too.

Great value, great product and great service from Sleep Republic.

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it is like a luxury hotel mattress!

My best furniture purchase! Jolly comfortable I have had it resting on the floor before purchasing the base but stll it was so good and now even better with base. simplicity to set up and from the first moment even you can sleep on it. I cannot fully describe but it feels like a very expensive mattress from a six star hotel somewhere. Also they have given complementary pillows additionally to the free delivery. i completely recommend this product to sleep like you are in luxury each night.

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A pretty good mattress and very good value I think

Did a lot of research online and looked at a lot of new web stores selling mostly foam, not many seem to sell pocket springs but I had foam mattresses before and they seem to sag quite quickly.
They were responsive on my queries about the springs and I thought the idea of lots of smaller springs made sense and the price too compared to just a foam block at the same price convinced me.
Delivery was OK, you do need help to take up stairs but I guess that’s the trade off for getting a good support mattress. Opening is a real hoot and they send y ou a pack with an opening tool )scissors).
It springs back to full size immediately and it looks bit rumpled for about 20 minutes but then looks good.
The feel is pretty good Id say medium firm and so far have been sleeping well, i like how it feels comfortable on top but also as if there is real support underneath, hoping to make more dreams like the logo on the mattress says.

Purchased at: Online Furniture Shop

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Amazing service

Amazing service, I bought a single mattress for my son, it is fantastic… so comfortable, yet supportive! The team at Sleep Republic made the whole process so easy, and I loved having it delivered to my door, no fuss! Thank you Tom & Sean!

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Buying online really does work!
As a hands on shopper I was concerned about buying without bouncing first but my new Sleep Republic king made me realise how unsupportive my old mattress was. Best nights sleep ever!
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This mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses ever! It has the right level of firm and softness and both my partner and I are extremely happy with it.
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Four Star Service

Loved it but my partner likes sleeping on a marshmallow so we returned it. The process was easy and no pressure, so I give them 4 stars just for that.

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Significant improvement

I was replacing an extremely old mattress and although it was a little heavy, I was able to set it up following a little welcome pack that came with it. Absolutely loving it! It was delivered as organised, and without a hassle.
Great work!

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Beau A
Threw my old mattress out the window

Well, not really….but I wanted to. Tried out this new “mattress in a box” trend and was not disappointed. Ordered it online and it was delivered in a box to my door a few days later. So damn comfortable. Two thumbsup

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I’m Better in Bed

The mattress is great! I ordered a queen and I was able to organise the delivery time early the next day – super easy. It was delivered when I wanted and wasn’t any hassle to get into my bedroom (I just moved into a first floor apartment). It’s a bit heavy but there is a handle and wheels which makes it easy – it’s like wheeling a suitcase. Unpacking wasn’t anywhere near as complicated as I thought with the instructions sent in my welcome pack and I got it open and set up within 10 minutes of it being delivered. It’s a great mattress – it gets the balance perfectly between soft and firm. I’d definitely recommend this mattress to anyone, especially to anyone moving – it is so easy to wheel around and delivered to your door. Love it!

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David SVictoria
Really really super mattress – thanks guys!

Got our new Sleep republic mattress (king) delivered in a box! Such an easy online process, got a welcome pack the next day and bed delivered two days later – unbelievable – in a long thin box with handle and wheels!
The opening and set up was so simple and it just grows in front of your eyes! Quite heavy but manageable.
The feel is fantastic so much better than my old mattress – was sceptical about their ‘perfect feel’ blurb and the 2000 springs stuff but its true. They even phoned after delivery to check how it was, this baby’s a keeper!

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Halloween GrinchMelbourne