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How does Sleep Republic compare to other mattresses?

Woman touching mattress

Who comes out on top when comparing Sleep Republic vs Koala vs Ecosa vs Sleeping Duck?

In recent years, dozens of new mattress companies have hit the market. It can all get a bit confusing.

  • Which mattress will provide you with the best night’s sleep?
  • What’s the best value?
  • Who can provide free delivery?
  • What about a great warranty, and the peace of mind of a trial period?

To help you make an educated purchase, we’ve gone to the mattresses — literally. Who has a better warranty when comparing Ecosa vs Koala? Who uses hybrid mattress technology when comparing Koala vs Sleeping duck? Read on to find out more.

At Sleep Republic, we’ve carried out painstaking research to develop the best mattress on the market. It’s why we were awarded Bed Buyer’s 2020 mattress of the year. Read on to find out how we compare with the competition.

Sleep Republic Koala Sleeping Duck Ecosa
Minimum 12-year warranty Yes No No Yes
Hybrid foam and spring mattress Yes No Yes No
Up to 2250 pocket springs Yes No No No
Cashmere cover Yes No No No
Free delivery Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trial period Yes Yes Yes Yes


Which mattress has the best warranty?

Most mattresses in a box come with some sort of warranty. For example, when comparing Koala vs. Sleeping Duck, it’s a dead heat: both mattresses have a 10-year warranty.

However, other mattresses go even further: for a mattress that has a warranty of at least twelve years, go with Sleep Republic or Ecosa.

Winners: Sleep Republic, Ecosa

Which mattress has free delivery?

If you’re comparing delivery for Ecosa vs Koala vs Sleeping Duck vs Sleep Republic mattresses, then you’re spoilt for choice. All of those brands of mattress offer free delivery to your door, so you’ll be spared the fuss and expense of trying to transport your new mattress.

Winners: Sleep Republic, Ecosa, Koala, Sleeping Duck

Which mattress has a trial period?

Just like free delivery, there aren’t many bad options when it comes to a trial period. You’ll get a certain number of days to sleep on your mattress before the purchase is final.

At Sleep Republic, we offer a 100-night sleep guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your mattress, you can return it in exchange for a full refund. That way, you can sleep easy in the knowledge that you’re getting value for money.

Winner: Sleep Republic

Which mattresses use hybrid technology?

Many mattresses in a box are plain foam mattresses. This style of mattress is cheaper to manufacture, but it does have some downsides. Foam alone just doesn’t offer the best levels of support. However, some people feel that a spring mattress on its own provides sub-optimal comfort.

The best of both worlds is to be found in a hybrid mattress, which uses both foam and pocket springs. Both Sleep Republic and Sleeping Duck use hybrid technology, while Ecosa and Koala use foam alone.

Winners: Sleep Republic, Sleeping Duck

Which mattress has the best pocket spring technology?

When comparing pocket springs, our mattress at Sleep Republic is head and shoulders above the rest. There are as many as 2250 pocket springs in our mattresses, and other mattress manufacturers just can’t compete.

If you’re evaluating Sleep Republic vs Sleeping Duck, there’s no comparison. Sleep Republic has a high definition spring system, with approximately double the pocket springs of most equivalently sized spring mattresses. Sleep Republic’s industry-leading pocket spring technology is one of the main reasons we were chosen as Bed Buyer’s best 2020 overall mattress.

Winner: Sleep Republic

Which mattress has the best cover?

There is a wide variety of mattress covers. Some companies opt for easy-to-clean polyester, while others prefer more natural fabrics like bamboo. Everybody’s personal preferences are different, so this isn’t an easy category to evaluate objectively.

But there are some must-have criteria: a mattress cover must be soft (so it’s as comfortable as possible) and breathable (to keep you cool in the hot Australian summers).

At Sleep Republic, we’ve gone all out to try and manufacture the best mattress cover possible. Unlike Koala, Ecosa, or Sleeping Duck, we use a cashmere knitted fabric that provides the ultimate in softness. Additionally, we use natural latex which regulates airflow and facilitates an ideal temperature.

Winner: Sleep Republic

Only Sleep Republic can provide free delivery, and a 12-year warranty, on a hybrid 2250 pocket spring mattress with a gloriously soft cashmere cover. Read on, and find out more about what makes our mattress so special.