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How to join two single mattresses together


Creating a bigger sleeping space from two smaller mattresses

Combining households is an exciting time for any couple. You might be considering a range of cost-cutting measures to make the process go smoothly. Many couples will consider joining single mattresses together to create more room.

This article will explore all the options available to couples looking to join two single mattresses together. We’ll also offer you tips and tricks on creating bigger and more comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Ready to ditch your old single for something more spacious? Sleep Republic has a range of mattress sizes that will provide you with more space and comfort.

Why join two single mattresses together?

There are plenty of reasons why couples might want to join two single mattresses together. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Costs: Joining two long single beds together to make a short king bed can save hundreds of dollars.
  • Space: Combining two single mattresses can also save on space, freeing up an entire bedroom.
  • Size: Joining two long singles together can allow partners of different sizes to co-sleep, while still promoting comfort.

Evaluating your single mattress

If you’re set on keeping your existing single mattresses, you may want to evaluate how well they will work together when joined. Here are some things to consider before you get underway:

  • Depth: Your mattresses should be the same thickness to ensure that both sides are evenly matched.
  • Age: We recommend changing mattresses every 7 to 10 years. If you are due for a refresh, check out Sleep Republic’s range.
  • Springs: If either of the mattresses is starting to sag on the sides or in the centre, you should buy a new one.

If you have mismatched single mattresses, it may be easier to buy a new larger mattress. Thankfully, Sleep Republic’s mattress has plenty of affordable size options for all families.

What you’ll need to join the single mattress together

Here’s everything you need to begin combining your mattresses. Joining single mattresses together may seem as easy as pushing the beds together and throwing some sheets on. However, if you want to create a comfortable, long term solution, you’ll need some additional items.

Most of these items can be purchased online or at your local home decor business. If you have questions about the process below, get in touch with the friendly customer service team at Sleep Republic. They are here to help any way they can.

How to connect twin beds together

Step one — Set up the base

Set up your new king base according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that it is safe, sturdy, and stable enough to support at least two people.

Step two — Place the mattress

Carefully set the two single mattresses down on the newly covered base. Test them out to see if they slip. If they do, you might need to add a non-slip rubber mat to the mattress base.

Step three — Position the mattress protector

Place your mattress protector on top of the mattresses. A good protector should fill the gaps between the mattresses and make it indistinguishable from sleeping on a full King.

Step four — Add the headboard

If you’ve got a headboard, adding this will enhance the space and size of your new combined mattress. Be sure to test out your new combined bed!

Why consider Sleep Republic?

As well as single mattresses, we also have a range of other sized mattresses available to customers looking to upgrade. Rather than joining yours together, you can buy a brand new mattress for an affordable price.

When you purchase from Sleep Republic, you also get the additional benefits of:

  • Free delivery Australia-wide
  • Cheaper bundles for frames and mattresses
  • 100-night risk-free trial
  • 12 years of warranty

Save yourself some hassle. Sleep Republic has a range of mattress sizes that will give you the best night sleep possible.