What’s The Deal With Bamboo Bedsheets?

What’s The Deal With Bamboo Bedsheets? Author: Sean

If you’ve decided to invest in some new bedsheets, you’ve probably been searching for cotton ones. After all, it’s what mum and dad used to buy. However, there is a new kid on the block, shaking up the bedsheet industry. Bamboo sheets are fast becoming one of the most popular forms of bedding and for good reason. They are highly absorbent, super soft and long-lasting – far more superior than cotton sheets. Getting a good night’s sleep in our ever-changing climate can be tough, but bamboo sheets will put an end to the restless, sweaty tossing and turning that keeps you awake.

Here are a few other reasons why organic bamboo bedding should be your next purchase:

  • They’re highly absorbent
    Bamboo sheets are three times more absorbent than regular cotton sheets. Their ability to wick moisture off the skin means you won’t wake up covered in sweat on a hot Australian summer’s night.
  • They help regulate your body temperature
    Because of the structure of bamboo and the way the fabric is woven, air can pass between the threads, which helps to regulate body temperature – perfect for all the hot sleepers out there (and their long-suffering partners).
  • They’ll last… and last
    Bamboo fabric is significantly more resilient than cotton, and your bamboo sheets won’t “pile” or yellow with age. Because they don’t shrink, bamboo sheets can be hand washed or tossed into the washing machine. You’ll still be enjoying their luxurious comfort long after cotton sheets would have been thrown out.
  • The environment will thank you
    If Mother Nature needed linen, she’d buy Sleep Republic’s bamboo sheets. Made from renewable bamboo, they require less water to grow, don’t require invasive planting and produce a smaller carbon footprint.

If the idea of a cool, refreshing sleep every night this summer appeals to you, invest in quality bamboo sheets from Sleep Republic. Not only are our durable, 100% bamboo fibre sheets competitively priced, but they’re also made from refined, renewable bamboo, and will just get softer after each wash. Our bamboo bed sheets are available in a king size, all the way down to single, so every member of the family can enjoy a good night’s sleep. Discover the difference here.

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