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Why would you buy a mattress online?


Okay I get buying my Nespresso pods and clothing online, but a mattress, really?

You need a new mattress, your current one is getting tired, maybe you’re getting a bit of back pain, there’s a huge concave pit in the middle and frankly it feels like it came out on the First Fleet. You know that buying a mattress can be a lengthy, drawn our process filled with pushy salespeople and hundreds of products that vary greatly in price but look exactly the same.  Would buying a mattress online save you the time and trouble?

So let’s look at the whole ‘traditional’ showroom expedition saga.

Where do you start? Well, you can set aside the greater part of a weekend to navigate traffic and visit in person in some of those massive retailer outlets where they’ve got hundreds and hundreds of beds – either there’s hardly any sales assistance or its pushy – maybe they know their stuff, or maybe they don’t.

Lots of Options: You sit and lie briefly on dozens of beds, and pretty soon you can’t feel any difference. You’re confused about brands and names – partly because many retailers are selling the same mattress as someone else just with cosmetic differences so you can’t compare prices – and partly because if you’ve gotten straight information your head is buzzing with details and you can’t remember which one you sat on last. (Research says most of us can only hold three or four things in our mind at once!).


Cost:  This is the interesting bit, how do you think they pay for these display barns and all the staff and TV ads? The answer – they don’t – you do, and even when you’ve peeled back the ‘discounts’, you’re going to be paying for a lot of expenses that have made your day/weekend so enjoyable (not!).

The Quick Decision: If you’ve succumbed, found the mattress of your dreams (well at least it feels good to sit on for 2 minutes– you’ve no idea what it’s like to sleep on for the next 7 years!), you shelled out your hard earned cash, negotiated a reduced delivery fee (yes this is often extra – another reason to buy online) and you’ve noted the fine print that the guarantee doesn’t actually give you your money back if you don’t like it, you can only swap – once!

You’re happy – aren’t you? What could possibly go wrong?

What’s different online?

Knowledge: Do your research at home, on the beach, in the pool (just don’t drop the iPad for Pete’s sake!). Ask as many questions as you like (by chat, email or 1800 number) to people who know their product. Compare prices, drill into mattress specifications, dare to find a question about the product they can’t answer (we’re yet to be stumped). Comparing products and suppliers is far easier online.

Guarantee:  “But I can’t try the mattress” you say! Correct, you absolutely cannot find out what it’s like to sit on for 2 minutes. Would you buy a car by just sitting in the driver’s seat or would you rather drive it for a period? Why wouldn’t you do the same with a mattress?

Interestingly some scientific research has shown that that in a typical showroom experience people did not pick the mattress that delivers the best sleep experience. (If you’re having problems sleeping right now and love statistical regression theory read the study here.)

Let’s face it, having a guarantee that if you don’t like it you can return it and get your money back, no catches, has to be the ultimate test. Why isn’t everything sold on that basis? Oh hang on, most things are… except it seems mattresses through a retailer!

Price: You’re not paying for showrooms, no teams of sales people, no expensive TV campaigns promoting incredible (and I mean unbelievable) discounts – just the product delivered to you with fewer middlemen and fewer costs. The lower price you see online has nothing to do with lower quality and everything to do with lower costs.

So you’ve found the mattress that looks like you – well it doesn’t look like you but you know what we mean! Order a better sleep from the comfort of your own home.  Just hit the Shop Now button, get free delivery, straight to your door.
Go on, give it a go what have you got to lose?