Sleep Republic pocket spring mattress

The Sleep Republic
High Definition Pocket
Spring Mattress

Cashmere knitted fabric, gel infused memory foam & natural latex come together with our exclusive High Definition pocket spring system to create the perfect hybrid mattress feel.

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The Perfect Hybrid Mattress

From decades of experience in designing, making and selling mattresses
we put it all together to bring you the best hybrid mattress design.

1 Cashmere Knitted Fabric

We selected Cashmere fabric for the mattress surface material because we wanted a natural fabric that was soft to the touch, yet remained extremely durable.

2 Gel Infused Memory Foam

Developed by NASA for the ultimate in pressure relief and body contouring with Gel added for temperature stability.

3 Natural Latex

We chose Natural and renewable Latex, designed to breathe freely yet support uniformly.

4 High Definition Pocket Spring

1,850 (Queen size) individual pocket springs mean no partner disturbance and a stronger mattress for a longer product life. Specifically zoned in 5 places to provide maximum support.

5 Dynamic Edge Support

Made of firmer high tensile steel springs, the edge support surrounds the mattress and allows full use of the total surface and for sleeper to lie up to the edge without roll-off.

6 3D Spacer Fabric

Our side panels are designed to let air circulate throughout your mattress. Mattresses need to breathe too you know!

How Does a Hybrid Mattress Feel?

The Sleep Republic hybrid mattress is medium/firm feel. Why? Because years of customer feedback has told us that this is what the vast majority of people (even years after buying one) are happy with. Despite the notion that complete softness is required in order to achieve a perfect night’s sleep, we have found that the foam vs spring debate is moot: a soft mattress simply does not cut it. The same can be said for those contemplating a very firm mattress. A rock-hard mattress wears surprisingly thin after just a few nights.

A bit more about High Definition Pocket Springs

normal springs vs hd pocket springs

Not content with the usual 630 springs in a Queen mattress, we created 1850 individually pocketed springs; supporting you precisely where it counts, eliminating partner disturbance and giving you the sleep you deserve.

Learn more about High Definition Pocket Springs

…and all this, amazingly, comes delivered in a box!

Free Delivery

At Sleep Republic, everyone is equal and delivery is free everywhere (providing our deliverers can get there). No surcharges, no add-ons, country or city – delivery included. See details here.

The Box

Using state of the art compression technology our mattresses are rolled, wrapped and boxed with handles and wheels for easier moving. Seeing is believing – yes we really can get that mattress in there!

sleep republic box

Couple sitting on newly unboxed Sleep Republic pocket spring mattress

Releasing your inner mattress

Releasing your mattress couldn’t be simpler. Just follow the five steps on the opening instructions inside the mattress box. Most important of all however is enjoy the experience – there can be no replays, until you buy your next Sleep Republic mattress

5 Steps to Unboxing Your Sleep Republic HD pocket spring mattress

Not Sure What Size You Need?

We’ve got more information on the Sleep Republic Single, King Single, Double, Queen, and King size mattresses, including dimensions and who they are best suited for at the links below.

single mattress

Single Mattress

188 x 92 x 31 cm
Mattress Box Size(cm) Single 35 x 35 x 100 cm

king single mattress

King Single Mattress

203 x 107 x 31 cm
Mattress Box Size(cm) King Single 35 x 35 x 115 cm

double mattress

Double Mattress

188 x 137 x 31 cm
Mattress Box Size(cm) Double 35 x 35 x 145 cm

queen mattress

Queen Mattress

203 x 152 x 31 cm
Mattress Box Size(cm) Queen 35 x 35 x 157 cm

king mattress

King Size Mattress

203 x 183 x 31 cm
Mattress Box Size(cm) King 35 x 35 x 188 cm


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