Why choose Sleep Republic?

Mattress Protector

We’re often asked what the difference is between Sleep Republic and other mattress companies.

We’ve been in the mattress industry for over 20 years, so to us the answer has always been quite clear, but they may not be as discernible to someone who simply wants a good night’s sleep, a good mattress for a fair price, with no risk or hassle.

Leave the technical jargon, marketing gimmicks, inflated claims and in-your-face ‘can’t get rid of’ pop up advertisements with the other guys…here is why we genuinely believe you should choose Sleep Republic when purchasing your next mattress.



The founders and designers of the Sleep Republic mattress have been in the mattress industry for over 20 years. The design didn’t happen overnight, it is the result of decades of experience in designing, manufacturing and selling mattresses, and identifying their high-quality components.



We care about this product because we truly believe in it and know exactly what goes into it. The Sleep Republic mattress is not a glorified piece of foam, masked by a bunch of nonsense marketing jargon. The Sleep Republic mattress is a medium-firm, pocket spring mattress with more core support springs placed where they should be, that feels soft and comfortable, yet firm and supportive, and was designed with quality materials by knowledgeable mattress industry professionals.

Hot tip: If a mattress website can’t show you exactly what’s in the mattress and explain in plain terms without using jargon, then you probably should be looking elsewhere! See exactly what’s in the Sleep Republic mattress here


Customer Service

Mattresses are a 10 year investment and we want to make sure you are as informed as possible before purchasing, so you’re confident that you’re making the right choice. When you call Sleep Republic, write to us on the live chat feature on the website, email us or message us on Facebook- you are speaking directly to the Sleep Republic team, not an outsourced service reading from a script. You are speaking to industry professionals who genuinely care about your mattress buying experience.

And let’s face it, there can be hiccups (we’re all only human!), but to us good service means that if the hiccups happen you’re able to easily reach someone who cares and is going to work to help you.

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