A firm, supportive mattress that’s better for your back

The Sleep Republic mattress is engineered to give you a better night’s sleep. We’ve developed technology to give you the right support in the right places.

Firmness Scale

2500 springs in a Super King mattress

Our unique design uses smaller springs and more of them, up to 2500 individually wrapped HD pocket springs. Other mattress in a box brands only have up to 900 springs.

Support that lasts

The core of our mattress is the individually fabric wrapped, heat tempered, steel springs which we specifically designed for our mattress. The strength of our springs ensures your mattress will stay comfortable and supportive for many years to come.

Uniquely supportive springs

Our pocket springs are the result of decades of mattress designing and manufacturing experience. We designed our springs to have the right height, diameter, number of coils, and resistance to provide the right support and feel.

Dynamic edge support

With slightly firmer springs around the outside, our dynamic edge support will support you right up to the edge of your mattress. You won’t feel a difference in firmness but you’ll know the support is there. It prevents edge sagging and you won’t feel like you’re about to fall out of bed, even if you’re right next to the edge.

Whole mattress support zones

Our mattress has support zones with different types of springs specifically engineered to give you the right amount of support for that part of your body, providing better spinal alignment. Our mattress is also zoned in the top comfort layer through a zoned quilting pattern which affects its firmness, so even lighter people can benefit from the support zones.

The zones for your head, hips and lower back, and feet are firmer to keep your back properly aligned. The zones for your shoulders and upper back, and knees and legs are softer to let your muscles relax.

Advanced support layers

Luxurious feel

Cashmere knitted fabric for the ultimate comfort. As well as being a premium material, the quilting pattern also provides varying levels of firmness to exactly match the support zones of our springs.

Increased breathability

Natural latex is highly breathable, giving your mattress essential airflow. Thousands of ventilation holes in the latex foam helps to regulates body temperature and prevents your mattress from overheating.


Pressure relief

Gel-infused memory foam contours to your body for perfect relaxation. This relieves pressure in your joints and allows your muscles to fully relax, so your body feels rested without any aches or pains.

Out of this world circulation

3D spacer fabric (a product which knits different fibres together on different faces) further enhances airflow.

“It’s amazing that a mattress of this quality could come out of a box”

Don’t just take our word for it


The advantages of springs over foam

There are many benefits to choosing a hybrid mattress with pocket springs and foam comfort layers instead of a purely foam mattress. Our steel springs will resist sagging and last longer than a purely foam mattress, so you’ll continue to get the support you need for many years to come.

Pocket springs all work independently of one another, contouring to the body and providing minimal partner disturbance. This also allows us to create targeted support zones which can’t be achieved with a purely foam mattress.

Breathable enough for Australian heat

The side panels of our mattress are made from highly breathable material used in athletic apparel. Breathable material ensures your mattress won’t overheat at night, so you can sleep comfortably even in the summer heat.

Quality assurance you can rely on

Scientifically tested with 1,400N of force

The results are in. Our mattresses are designed and built to last. We’ve used scientific testing with a heavy duty roller, dead weight compression, seating edge testing, and rapid bouncing pressure. These tests put 1,400N of force in different actions across all areas of the mattress 36,000 times to simulate 12 years of use.


Check the materials to make sure they are the correct thickness, size, gauge, feel, density and quality.


Inspect the production line to make sure the products are constructed correctly using the proper process.

the final product

Our extensive quality control process ensures the final product that arrives in your bedroom is exactly right.

the final product

Our extensive quality control process ensures the final product that arrives in your bedroom is exactly right.