Free and Easy Returns. Always.

The vast majority of our customers love their Sleep Republic mattress. Not only that, many go on to become repeat customers- 21% of our customers are repeat customers or buy after referral and recommendation of existing customers.

Buyers Tip: Not all return policies are equal! – When buying anything online, careful reading of fine print and genuine customer reviews pays off!

Here’s our promise:

If for any reason, within 100 days of purchase, you are not happy with your Sleep Republic mattress and wish to return it, we will arrange for it to be collected, free of charge, and when collected give you a full refund.

That’s it. No asterisks, no hidden conditions.

Even if you return the mattress, we want the shopping/return experience to be positive.

See what some of our customers said about the returns process:

customer said on return process

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If for some reason, you aren’t happy with your Sleep Republic Mattress and need to return it…

Here’s what we do

  • We do ask you to return, at our cost, any promotional items like sheets or protectors that were included with the original sale.
  • We do arrange to collect your mattress, free of charge
  • We do give you a full refund for the mattress
  • We do donate your returned mattress to charity (we never resell used mattresses!)

Here’s what we don’t do

  • We don’t make you wait 14 or 30 days before you can return, we recommend you try it for at least a couple of weeks, but hey if you’ve made up your mind that’s good enough for us!
  • We don’t put you through the third degree or get you to flip or rotate the mattress before accepting a return request
  • We don’t push you to buy other products like toppers to avoid potential returns. We figure you shouldn’t have to spend even more to get the mattress you want.
  • We don’t try to and wriggle out of offering you a refund through product swaps or gimmicky stuff which may or may not be effective
  • We don’t make you pay for collection – we confirm when you order that you’re in a free charity collection area
  • We don’t exclude in the fine print mattresses that have been discounted

With Sleep Republic you won’t have any return nightmares!

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