Free Mattress Delivery

Anywhere In Australia

We want to make mattress shopping easier for everyone, so we include free delivery for any mattress regardless of where you live.

We have a very simple view: no matter where you live, we do our utmost to get our mattress to you so long as any one of the freight and courier agencies we use can get there! We’ve spent over 10 years finding the best mix of transport companies and couriers that can get your mattress from our warehouses to your home as quickly and safely as possible, at no cost to you.

For Australians living away from Sydney and Melbourne, why should you have to wait for weeks for stock to arrive and even then possibly pay extra for delivery? Whether you are based in Perth, Launceston, Cairns, or Toowoomba, we’ll make sure you don’t have to wait for us to fly, float, or fling your mattress to your doorstep.

Our experience has taught us that there isn’t one size that fits all when it comes to delivery, so we’ve built a delivery network that draws on the strengths of reliable partners to gives our customers the best delivery outcome.

Same day mattress delivery

In Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Gold Coast we can offer same day delivery for mattress orders in before midday. Accessories may be shipped separately. Take note: we’re not talking about ‘ship on same day’ – we look to deliver on the same day! Most other locations will be delivered within 2-5 business days, while the most remote areas may take up to 8 days – and it’s still free!

What impacts mattress delivery time?

Australia is a big country and doesn’t have a heavily developed regional rail network for freight,nor the large number of high population centres that Europe or the US have. Often deliveries will be shipped via regional warehouses and dispatched to the final address by a different vehicle or specialist carrier for that location (just like many airline ‘hub and spoke’ operations).
Although the majority of our deliveries are same or next day, in some locations the final delivery runs don’t happen every day because of the distances and sparse population, they might only be once or twice a week.

Packaged for delivery.

The compression and packaging technology we use ensures that the mattress is safely wrapped and cocooned for its often very lengthy journey.
Each mattress is vacuum sealed and rolled before being put in a tough plastic sleeve for further protection.

All this is then secured in a tough heavy duty outer carton with its own wheels and handle to help with manoeuvring.
The lengthy transport process can often be harsh on boxes but as bad as the ‘battle scars’ can sometimes seem the mattress is sheltered from all of this and ready for action after unpacking.

Get your free delivery today – you’ve earned it!

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