Sleep Republic Pro Base

The best support for your Sleep Republic mattress.

From $499

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The Pillow

Comfortable and supportive to suit every type of sleeper.

From $130

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Dog Bed

Because good dogs deserve the best comfort too. And all dogs are good dogs.

From $99

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Bamboo Bed Sheets

For the ultimate comfort, our bamboo sheets are super soft and breathable.

From $169

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The Mattress Protector

For a hygienic and healthy sleep space, our mattress protector is everything you need.

From $129

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The Pillow Protector

The best protection for you and your pillow.

From $49

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We provide free delivery for all our accessories to anywhere in Australia. That’s right, wherever you live in Australia, we can deliver your mattress and accessories for free.

It’s not just our mattress that comes with a long warranty, we support all our accessories with generous warranty against faulty materials or manufacturing.

Along with our mattress, our pillow and our dog bed both come with a comfort guarantee. So you and your dog can both make sure it’s the right comfort and support.

Everything we sell is designed to give you (or your doggo) the very best in comfort and support, so you get the best sleep of your life.