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Sleep Republic: The only mattress in Australia to be CHOICE recommended 3 years in a row!

Sleep Republic Choice recommended three years in a row
In an exciting announcement, Sleep Republic has been named CHOICE recommended for the third year in a row, making it the only mattress in Australia to achieve this distinction. CHOICE, trusted by millions of Australians, operates under the Australian Consumers’ Association and utilises a rigorous testing methodology for evaluating mattresses. This recognition comes on the heels of Sleep Republic receiving the Best Overall mattress in a box accolade from Bedbuyer for three consecutive years.
Let’s dive into some of the key features that impressed CHOICE and learn why Sleep Republic is receiving widespread praise from independent experts.

Resistance to Sagging:

One of the most common issues with mattresses is sagging over time. CHOICE employs a cask-shaped roller to simulate eight years of use, measuring the mattress’s height and firmness before and after the test. Sleep Republic’s mattress scored nearly perfectly, assuring buyers of long-lasting support and cushioning night after night.

Sweat Repellent:

A mattress absorbing sweat can lead to unpleasant odors and deterioration in quality. However, the Sleep Republic mattress excelled in CHOICE’s sweat repellent test, receiving a perfect score. The testers found that it did not retain any fluids, making it the ideal choice for even the sweatiest sleepers. Enjoy a clean and fresh sleep experience with Sleep Republic.

Easy Transport:

Sleep Republic’s mattress in a box is not only comfortable and durable, but it’s also incredibly convenient to move. CHOICE testers noted that the mattress box comes with wheels, making transportation hassle-free. This thoughtful feature is just one example of the attention to detail that sets Sleep Republic apart from the rest.

Exceptional Comfort Retention:

In addition to its resistance to sagging, the Sleep Republic mattress underwent rigorous comfort retention tests. After subjecting the mattress to wear and tear equivalent to years of use, it demonstrated outstanding results in maintaining comfort. Regardless of body type or shape, both male and female testers reported a high level of comfort, validating Sleep Republic’s commitment to ensuring exceptional sleep quality.
With CHOICE and Bedbuyer recognising Sleep Republic as one of the best pocket spring mattresses available in Australia, backed by positive reviews from independent experts, it’s no wonder why Sleep Republic has become a favourite among mattress buyers.
If you’re ready to experience the extraordinary features and benefits offered by the Sleep Republic mattress, take advantage of the 100-night free trial, with a full refund available if you’re not completely satisfied. Start sleeping better today by discovering more about this outstanding mattress.