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I Work for a Mattress Company and I’m a Mum of Two: This Is the Mattress I Recommend for Your Young Kids

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Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Child

It’s a question we get asked daily, “Should I get the Sleep Republic Mattress or the Sleep Republic Kids Mattress for my child?”.  The parents that ask usually have a kid two years old or just under, and they are looking for their son or daughter’s first “Big Kid Bed”.  The reason why these parents are asking?  Because, at this stage in life, they know they will also be spending a lot of time in that bed.  Trust me, I have been there too. Countless middle of the night wake ups and they can’t be rocked/patted/sung back to sleep, into their bed we go.

Other Brands vs The Sleep Republic Kids Mattress

First up, let’s compare the Sleep Republic Kids Mattress to other kids mattress brands.  Yes I work for this company, so obviously I am biased towards our product, BUT as a sleep deprived mother of young children, I would sell my soul for a comfortable sleep, so I think you can trust me.

My eldest daughter Amelia’s first mattress was a different brand but designed for kids, and it was comfortable and supportive enough for her, but my husband and I found we could feel the springs when we were on it ourselves.  If it were a particularly bad night- think sickness or teething- we would be in a significant amount of discomfort by morning.  It was definitely a mattress designed specifically for kids.

As with most areas of parenting, we learned from our mistakes and made more educated decisions with our second daughter, Lucy.  While she was still in her cot, we got a Sleep Republic Kids Mattress for her room.  That way if she woke in the night, instead of having to sit up uncomfortably in the nursing chair, we could cuddle her back to sleep in the bed.  Total game changer.

I think I’ve logged about 50,000 hours (don’t check my maths please) in Lucy’s room, trying to get her back to sleep. Getting a mattress that is designed for kids but comfortable and supportive enough for adults is probably the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. Okay slight exaggeration, but honestly after 20 bouts of gastro, the flu, covid, and every other daycare disease Lucy brought home, I swear I was in her room at night more than my own over winter. Having a supportive mattress that I could comfortably lay on with her saved my back and my sanity.

The Original Sleep Republic Mattress vs The Sleep Republic Kids Mattress

My husband and I have been sleeping on the original Sleep Republic Mattress since 2016.  I love how the mattress designer was able to perfectly blend the firm, supportive springs in with the soft and luxurious cashmere top.  It really does somehow feel soft and firm at the same time.  That being said, you would think I would recommend the original mattress for your kids if you do a lot of co-sleeping right?  Wrong!

While they are small, young children have an amazing way of causing you more pain than a full grown adult.  Sharing a bed with a kid can be one of the most physically uncomfortable situations of your life. Their elbows, knees and feet all end up in your stomach and back, they headbutt you, push you, and pull you all night long (but they really are such a blessing!).

Thanks to their middle of the night ninja-like moves, I believe the firmer, extra supportive Kids Mattress is actually more comfortable for adults that need to co-sleep. Since your child’s mattress is usually a smaller size than your own, you probably feel like you need to hold on for dear life to keep from rolling off, right? Well the Kids Mattress has an amazingly strong and supportive edge support that does great job of locking you in.

The medium firm feel of the original mattress is perfect for your actual bed when you will be sleeping in your normal, comfortable positions.  For the times you will be wrestling a crocodile and dodging UFC kicks, the firm feel of the Kids Mattress and extra firmness of the edge support is welcomed with open arms.

The Sleep Republic Kids Mattress is designed specifically for this stage of life. It is made from the same premium materials you will find in the Sleep Republic Mattress, but is tailored to the unique needs of growing bodies. The mattress is just the right firmness to support the development of their spine, while the layers of plush, breathable comfort foams provide the contouring comfort they need to move, sleep and grow. It is also engineered to last, so you can be sure your little one will be sleeping soundly for years to come.

Now remember that while the days go slow, the years go by fast with young kids, and before you know it you will be back to spending your nights in your own bed.  I’m very much looking forward to the time when I can return to a full 8 hours enjoying the 2,250 springs and cashmere knitted fabric in my own mattress (sigh).  But until that day comes, I will be okay with getting my 2am cuddles on my daughter’s Kids Mattress, knowing that both she and I will be comfortable and supported all night long.