We set out to design a mattress that reflected the absolute best in comfort, support & durability that will provide the best bedtime experience for the sleeper.

The foam vs spring debate is over. From decades of mattress designing, manufacturing and selling experience there’s absolutely no doubt in our mind that pocket springs deliver a far superior product than foam core or alternative spring types.


Knowing how to choose your mattress can be a challenging process, but it’s made easier with facts. Pocket spring cores have significant measurable advantages over foam core mattresses;

  • Pocket springs allow different body zoning to reflect body shape/weight characteristics – only the most expensive foam mattresses can attempt to replicate
  • High tensile steel springs are more durable, have a longer life and are less prone to body imprint and sagging than foam where its cellular structure is prone to breakdown over time
  • Pocket springs allow far better ventilation than foam, allowing a more healthy sleeping environment and avoiding moisture and bacteria build up
  • Foam contains VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) – the more foam in a mattress the more VOCs there are. (Our foam in the pillow top is CertiPUR-US certified for low VOCs)
  • Pocket springs provide stronger side support, which prevents ‘roll off’ that occurs with foam’s soft edges.

The key to Pocket springs is that each spring is free to move individually in response to the weight applied, meaning a mattress that is responsive and yet has less movement transfer to a bed partner.

Not content with standard pocket springs, we went a step further and designed a core that didn’t just have the usual 630 odd springs, but has 1850 springs in a Queen.

We didn’t just take the standard spring and use more of them; we re-designed the height, diameter, number of coils and resistance so that collectively the individually pocketed springs provided the right support and feel.

Why 1850 Springs And Not 1000 Or 2400 in a Queen?

Because we found that the 1850 spring configuration provides the optimum body support. Fewer springs and the partner disturbance transfer is higher, too many and the feel is too firm.

As well as this we configured the core into 5 zones because we found that 5 give the optimum alignment and support for the body’s head, shoulder, hip, leg and foot zones.

Finally we configured a perimeter of stronger tensile steel springs that run around the entire mattress and allow the full sleeping surface to be used, no feeling of rolling off the edge on this baby!

This is the exclusive Sleep Republic High Definition Spring System story.