Queen mattress size details

Size: 152 × 203 × 31 cm
Pocket spring count: 1850
Price: $1,399

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Why choose a queen mattress?

Whether you need a bed for a couple, or just a single person who wants to spread out, the queen size mattress is a winner. It’s large enough to give you the comfort you desire, and compact enough to fit in your bedroom.

We’ve combined the support you’d expect from a queen pocket spring mattress, with the added comfort of memory foam. And, because we believe in going all out, we’ve added layers of latex and spacer fabric. This truly is the perfect queen size mattress.

As long as you’re located within the range of our partnered delivery companies, we can get your queen size hybrid mattress in a box to you within a few days. We’ve worked for years to find the best delivery companies to deliver to locations all over Australia.

If you don’t love your new king pocket spring mattress within 100 nights of purchase, you can return it — no questions asked. That’s our guarantee to you.

BedBuyer, Australia’s largest online bedding review company, has awarded our mattress the best mattress in a box out of 100 products tested and reviewed. And we’ve won that award 3 years in a row!

We use foam which has been manufactured ethically. It’s made without ozone depleters, toxic chemicals, or flame retardants. It also has low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions, so you can rest easy knowing the king foam mattress you’re using is environmentally friendly.

Awarded #1 Overall Mattress in a Box out of hundreds of products tested.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your area is serviced by one of our partnered charities, then pick up and transport costs are free if you want to return your mattress within 100 nights.

If our partnered charity pickup team can’t service your area, we ask that you bring the mattress to a point where they can pick it up. Before buying the mattress, you can talk with our team and establish whether we can have the mattress picked up from your property, just in case you’re not satisfied.

To maximise comfort, our mattresses have several different layers. Some of the materials and technologies we use are:

  • Dynamic edge support: Using firmer steel springs than elsewhere in the mattress, this additional firmness prevents you from rolling over the edge of the bed.
  • 3D spacer fabric: Side panels which facilitate mattress circulation, extending its life.
  • Cashmere knitted fabric: Natural, durable, and delightfully soft — the perfect choice for the top layer of a mattress.
  • Gel infused memory foam: A hi tech gel (developed by NASA) that helps keep the bed at an ideal temperature through the night, and works to take the strain off of your joints.
  • Natural latex: With countless ventilation holes, natural latex facilitates airflow and keeps you cool over summer.
  • High definition pocket springs: Pocket springs which isolate movement in the mattress, reducing the risk of partners disturbing each other in the night.

It’s as easy as can be. You just remove the box, take off the protective wrapper, unroll the mattress, and let it expand.

To make it even simpler, we provide a comprehensive instruction manual, and our team can answer any questions you might have. As this mattress has a higher number of springs, we recommend having another person on standby to help you move it.

Our mattress is suitable for solid straight timber slat bases.

The foundation that supports your mattress is a very important element to ensuring the longevity of your mattress as mattresses always follow the foundation that they rest on. For this reason, any curved or flexible type slats are not suitable.

Gaps between slats should not exceed 8cm – 10cm as gaps exceeding 10cm will not provide adequate support to the mattress.

Sprung bases are not suitable.