Get your Mattress in a Box sooner with Zip Pay

Sleep Republic understands that a good night’s sleep is important to your overall health and well-being. That’s why we offer mattress-in-a-box payment options with Zip Pay and Zip Money, so you can get the mattress you need without having to wait.

Pay with Zip

How to check out with Zip Pay or Zip Money


Choose your mattress and add it to your cart. At checkout, select Zip Pay for purchases up to $1,000 — for everything else, there’s Zip Money.


 Enter your details and create an account with Zip Pay. You’ll be redirected to the Zip Pay website to complete your purchase. Sleep Republic will then ship your order!


 Repay on a schedule that suits you – weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The simple, interest-free way to shop

Sleep Republic’s mattress-in-a-box is perfect for those looking for quality, comfort and support. And now, with Zip Pay and Zip Money payment options, you can get the mattress of your dreams with flexible payment options that won’t break the bank.

Sign up for Zip Pay today for fast approval, or if you still have questions, you can find out more on their website.

 Use Zip Pay for purchases up to $1,000, for everything else there’s Zip Money!

With Zip Pay, you’re approved for up to $1,000 to spend interest-free. So, if you need a mattress and other bedroom furniture or bedding, you can easily get it all with one simple payment plan. And because Zip Pay is interest-free, you’ll never have to pay any more than the price of the mattress.

If the total of your purchase is more than $1,000 you can apply for Zip Money! You’ll enjoy at least 3 months interest-free on flexible payment plans. If you’re ready to get a mattress in a box with easy payment options, sign up for Zip Pay or Zip Money today!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Zip Pay does not charge a monthly account fee. You will only be charged for the items you purchase, and there are no interest or added fees. You can use this digital wallet as most people are approved applicants for up to $1,000.

This finance option will give you the payment flexibility to buy now and pay later. Minimum monthly repayments are required at the statement closing balance. If, however, you do not pay in full before the due date, you will be charged a small additional monthly fee.

You can sign up for Zip Pay by visiting their website and creating an account. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be able to select Zip Pay as your payment method at checkout.

The minimum amount you can spend with Zip Pay is $50. Zip Pay is an excellent option for buying a brand new king size mattress, super king size mattress or a queen size mattress. These mattresses are the perfect new additions to your existing bed frame.

No, you can only have one Zip Pay account. You only need one account to get the best sleep with our range of mattresses for your bed frames. Our fast delivery times make the buy now pay later option even quicker. Come in store and try a mattress today.

The maximum amount you can spend with Zip Pay is $1,000.

No, you do not need to pay a deposit with Zip Pay.

No, there is no limit to how many items you can purchase with Zip Pay.

You can make payments on your Zip Pay account by logging into your online account or using the Zip Pay app.

Your Zip Pay payment is due on the first of every month.

You will be charged a small monthly fee if you cannot pay your Zip Pay bill before the due date.


Zip Pay originated in Australia and is an interest-free payment option that allows customers to shop now and pay later. With Zip Pay, you can spread the cost of your purchase over time, with flexible repayment options to suit your budget.

Zip Pay has no monthly fees, so you only ever pay for what you purchase. Plus, with convenient online account management, you’ll be able to keep on top of your payments and make them anytime, anywhere.

Zip Pay is the perfect solution if you’re looking for an easy and flexible way to pay for your next mattress purchase. Sign up today, and you can be approved in minutes!