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Size: 137 x 188 x 29 cm
Colours: Moonlight Black & Storm Grey
Price: $449.00

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Get twice as much out of your mattress with bases for double beds

Sleep Republic’s double bed bases are the best way to show off your new mattress. Engineered to look great (so you can sleep in style) and provide exemplary support and comfort, the Sleep Republic double bed base boasts many great features.

For example, with added slats (14, rather than the standard 10 or 12), you get better support for your back. We’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that this double-slat bed base makes the most of our mattress. The bed base is also lifted off the ground, freeing up room for extra storage. And with various payment options, getting a stylish new bed base for a double mattress is affordable, too.

Delivery is free across Australia

Whether you’re buying a queen-size bed, a double, a king single, or any of our bed sizes, delivery is free for our mattresses and bed bases, no matter where you are in Australia.

100-night guarantee

We offer a 100-night guarantee on our mattresses, which also covers our bed bases. If you try our double bed frame and don’t love it, you can return it for a full refund, minus the shipping cost.

Assembly is easy

Our extensive range of bedding furniture is easy to assemble. We’ve done the heavy lifting at the design stage with innovative ideas and quality materials so that you can easily build the bed base yourself.

We accept Zip and Afterpay

Need a bed, or want to take advantage of a sale or our special offers but can’t afford the total price? You shouldn’t have to wait to sleep comfortably. With Zip and Afterpay, you can access our full range of bed frames and get yourself into a new double bed ASAP.

Awarded #1 Overall Mattress in a Box out of hundreds of products tested.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bed sizes can fluctuate in different markets across the world. For example, there are a range of double bed sizes, which can cause some trouble if the base and the bed don’t line up when you get them both in the bedroom! At Sleep Republic, we use Australian measurements. Our double bed base measures 137 x 188 x 29 cm and perfectly fits our double mattress, ensuring a comfortable, supportive sleep.

We strongly advise pairing your double mattress with a double bed frame. Stacking a mattress of the wrong size (say, a single bed mattress or a queen) on top of a double bed base will not only take up more space than necessary in your room; it might also be dangerous. If you have a double mattress, we suggest you pair it with a double bed base only.

Our bed bases don’t have drawers, keeping them more affordable than other styles of bed bases. However, all our bed frames are raised off the ground, so there is some space for small storage units which you can use for items such as fabric and clothes.

At Sleep Republic, we can deliver your new bed base directly to your door, with free shipping anywhere in Australia. So there’s no need to go into a shop or even to leave your room. You can make your purchase right here, online.