Long single bed base details

Size: 92 x 203 x 29 cm
Colours: Moonlight Black & Storm Grey
Price: $389.00

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Here’s the long and short of it: excellent long single bed frames for affordable prices

A single bed is fine, for a person of average height, and a king single is perfect, if you have the space in your bedroom. But within the world of single beds, the long single occupies a Goldilocks position: the perfect middle for growing teens and tall people all over the world.

Sleep comfortably at night without your feet dangling off the end or accidentally whacking your head on the wall or bed head.

At Sleep Republic, we’re well known for our range of selected mattresses, but we also stock the bed bases to match. Check out our range of bed bases, including our long single bed base, and find a bargain when you shop online with us.

100-night guarantee

When you try bedding in a store, you can tell whether you’ll love it or not. When you buy online though, you have to wait until it’s delivered. That’s why we offer a 100- night guarantee. Try our long single bed base, and if you don’t love it, return it for a full refund.

Free delivery right across Australia

There’s no need to pay for delivery or schedule in a time to collect your bed base; when you pay for a long single bed base with Sleep Republic.

Incredibly easy to assemble

It isn’t always easy to construct furniture. Many stores sell hard-to-construct bedroom furniture that can drive you mad. But not us. On average, our customers build their long single bed base in a matter of minutes.

Many ways to pay

All of the bedding we offer can be purchased in a variety of ways, including Afterpay and Zip pay. Flexible payment services mean you can get your bed base now, when you need it, and pay it off more affordably over time.

Awarded #1 Overall Mattress in a Box out of hundreds of products tested.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A long single bed is intended to be slept on by a single person. However, unlike a conventional single mattress and bed base, the long single category is longer. As a bed frame, it is better able to accommodate taller people.

No! In fact, you don’t have to go anywhere or pick anything up at all. When you buy a mattress or a bed frame with Sleep Republic, we will have it delivered anywhere in Australia. And the best part? It’s absolutely free of charge, with no delivery fees.

It is strongly advised that you buy a bed base that matches your mattress. So, if you have a king single mattress, pair it with a king single bed base. The same goes for the long single mattress, and anything else in our range.