Queen mattress protectors size details

Size: 152 x 203 cm
Side Protection: Advanced Expandall® fitted sheet- suitable for every mattress.
Price: $179

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Why choose a queen bed mattress protector?

The right mattress protector can make a big difference in defending your sleeping surface from stains and allergens. If you’re after ultimate protection for your queen bed, there are certain features to take into account, like the price, wash functions to maintain the protector, how the protector stands up against accidental spills, whether you can still use toppers, and so on. 

We are proud to say that our Sleep Republic waterproof mattress protectors stand head and shoulders above the competition. And that’s before we even mention things like free home delivery when you pay online, a great range, innovative technology that is resistant to dirt and destruction from kids and pets, and so many other great things to discover.

Our queen bed mattress protectors are made for Australians who want their mattress to last. They are hypoallergenic and National Asthma Council approved to keep your family healthy and happy. Waterproof, breathable and noiseless, they’ll help give you the best night’s sleep while protecting your mattress from all kinds of stains and moisture that can destroy it.

No-sweat and no-crinkle

Some mattress protectors can keep you awake with crinkly noises or because they breathe poorly and cause you to sweat. Our mattress protectors will keep you cool and rested, thanks to their no-sweat and no-crinkle design.


Thanks to our National Asthma Council-approved mattress protectors, you and your family can sleep safely without worrying about allergens. A peaceful night’s sleep begins with peace of mind.

Machine washable

Our queen bed mattress protectors are easy to remove, launder and replace. Just pop in a washing machine, set it to hot, and then drop it into a dryer on high. We always recommend heat in washing and drying since it assists with sanitation.

10-Year Stain Proof Guarantee

We offer a 10-Year Stain Proof Guarantee on all mattresses purchased with our mattress protectors. We’re that confident in our mattress covers!

Awarded #1 Overall Mattress in a Box out of hundreds of products tested.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We agree with the experts on this question: absolutely. It’s the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect your mattress from stains and spillages and your family from allergens. No matter the size of your bed (whether a queen, double, single or a king) or what your mattress is made of, nothing can protect your mattress quite like a top-quality protector.

You certainly can. All our mattress protectors are designed for maximum ease of cleaning.

Not a Sleep Republic mattress protector. Some inferior mattress protectors can do that to folks as they are not designed for breathability and efficient airflow, but our protectors are made with Tencel material. Tencel is a wood-based fibre that breathes easily so you will stay warm in winter and cool in summer without sweating bullets.

A mattress is a pretty significant investment for most of us, both in terms of money and in the quality of sleep we expect. Why not protect that? Especially with something as inexpensive as a mattress protector? The longer you keep your mattress from spoils and stains, the longer it will last. It’s that simple.

There is a dizzying range of mattress protectors to choose from out there. To help you, we’ve created one that boasts all the top features combined.

  • All-natural material

  • Quiet (won’t crinkle noisily)

  • Waterproof

  • Antibacterial

  • Breathable (won’t cause sweating)

  • OEKO-TE approved

  • Multiple sizes

  • Allergy & asthma friendly

In addition, we’ve made it easier than ever to purchase a fitted mattress protector. We know that a trip to the local bedding store can be inconvenient for most people, especially if you have little ones by your side! Even with click and collect, going to a shop to collect your order can make purchasing a mattress protector and other bedding hard. 

That’s why one of the services we offer is free delivery Australia-wide. You don’t have to visit a store; we can bring the mattress protector and all other bedding products you order through our shop directly to your doorstep. 

Our marketing communications are as transparent as it gets. No matter where you are in Australia, we offer free standard delivery.

We certainly do! Whether it’s a double bed, a king single, a super king, a king, or some other size, we’ve got the waterproof mattress protector for your bed. Regardless of the dimensions, you can rest assured that you’re getting high-quality bedding with an extra layer to protect your bed.