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Size: 183 × 203 cm
Side Protection:  Advanced Expandall® fitted sheets perfect for every mattress.
Price: $249

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Why choose a super-king waterproof mattress protector?

A super king bed is probably one of the most exciting pieces of furniture a person can buy. Don’t let that enormous mattress get damaged by something silly like spills or stains. For protecting your super king bed, a waterproof mattress protector crafted following the highest standards is a great option.

Some mattress protectors sacrifice comfort for protection. Other mattress protectors manage to be waterproof, but they feel plasticky and rustle when somebody turns over in their sleep. Our Tencel mattress protectors offer the best of all worlds. 

Not only are these mattress protectors able to defend your bed from things like kids and spills, they’re also made of a comfortable, breathable material that is soft to the touch. And allergy sufferers will find a lot to like here as well, with a strong defence against dust mites! 

With positive reviews and massive interest from customers, read on to discover even more incredible features to be found in our super king bed protector.

It doesn’t crinkle, and it won’t make you sweat

Protectors for some mattresses have an unpleasant plastic feel. They also are made of materials that don’t breathe, and you find that you sweat while the protector makes crinkle noises all through the night. Our mattress protector isn’t like that; it doesn’t crinkle, and it allows maximum airflow.

You don’t have to worry about allergens

Allergy sufferers rejoice: our mattress protector is National Asthma Council-approved. It’s made from natural materials with excellent anti-microbial properties to keep allergens at bay.

You can machine wash this mattress protector

You don’t have to hand wash this mattress protector delicately. Just throw it in the washing machine, and watch it flourish. We recommend you use heat when washing and drying the protector, as this will improve sanitation.

A decade-long guarantee to resist stains

We also offer a 10 Year Stain Proof Guarantee on all mattresses purchased with Of all the services we offer, we are perhaps most proud of our 10 Year Stain Proof Guarantee. That’s how confident we are in our mattress protectors.

Awarded #1 Overall Mattress in a Box out of hundreds of products tested.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both cotton and bamboo mattress protectors have their pros and cons, but for our money, the best kind of mattress protector is made of Tencel. What makes it better than a cotton cover or a bamboo protector?

For one, Tencel is a natural wood-based fibre, and it doesn’t demand a slow, gentle machine wash or hand washing. You can wash and tumble dry to your heart’s content. 

It also has many antiallergenic qualities that are great for health, has the advantage of protecting against stains effectively, and is incredibly comfortable to the touch.

In short, Tencel has all the best qualities of cotton and bamboo mattress protectors and then some.

Absolutely not. If you have access to a computer or a phone, you can reap the advantage of ordering the Sleep Republic super king mattress protector online. There is no need turn up to a shop to collect the protector. Save time, money, and effort by ordering online.

No matter the product you purchase, we can guarantee delivery to your door anywhere in Australia. That’s not one of our special offers or deals; that’s how we do things all the time.

We don’t just do super king mattress protectors; we do the whole range of bed sizes. 

Whether you’ve got a bed that’s queen size, king single size, double, single, long single or king single, we’ve got a mattress protector that is going to suit your needs in our collection.