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Sleep Republic wins ‘Best Mattress in a Box for 2022’ (and 2020, and 2021)

Our team are proud to present Australia’s best mattress in a box, 3 years running


“The Sleep Republic Mattress was awarded Australia’s ‘Best Overall’ Mattress in a Box in 2022 after testing over 160 bed in a box products.”


That’s the final verdict from Bedbuyer’s Sleep Republic mattress review. Bedbuyer is Australia’s leading independent mattress reviewer, with an assessment team made up of chiropractors, physiotherapists and sleep scientists. At Sleep Republic, we are very grateful to be awarded Bedbuyer’s best mattress in a box again. 

“The overall build quality and craftsmanship of the Sleep Republic Mattress is outstanding…”

When we say ‘we’, it isn’t just vague corporate speak. Real people have dedicated themselves to creating our extraordinary mattresses. This is a win for all of us.


“Quite simply, this mattress has a lovely balance of comfort, support, and responsiveness.”

This is a win for our suppliers who source and refine the highest quality sustainable raw materials for us, and our manufacturing experts who handmake the award-winning mattresses our customers have come to love. This is a win for our testing team who let no detail or defect go unchecked, and our chiropractors who prioritise the health and wellbeing of our customers and their families.


“It combines simplicity with modern style, and gives off a distinct touch of luxury.”

Sleep Republic was founded on a basic principle: buying a high-quality mattress should be simple. To have our hard work recognised by the industry and our customers isn’t something we’ll ever take for granted.

“Bedbuyer’s rating:  5 / 5”


Our Customers Review Australia’s Best Mattress in a Box

“The mattress is extremely comfortable. There is no change in the mattress to date, it is as comfortable as the day it arrived. My boyfriend and I both have a bad back, we sleep much better now we have our sleep republic mattress”
Tracy Talma, 5 Stars


“Favourite Brand and Mattress! Highly recommend to everyone I know, really high quality mattress, flawless design and delivery, wonderful service all round!”

Mikaela K., 5 Stars


“It’s nearly 3 months since our new mattresses arrived. It’s difficult to comprehend that something shrunk to fit in a box could be so comfortable. Firm and supportive but not hard, gone are the morning sore backs and any stiffness and no sign of any sagging under his weight. We are both in our seventies so the great nights sleep we are now getting is necessary. Very happy with the purchase.”

Two happy sleepers, 5 stars


“This is my second sleep republic purchase. A king single for my mother in law who stays with us regularly. The first was a king bed for the master bedroom. Very happy with the purchase and it has the mother in law tick of approval.”

Rio, 5 Stars


What Makes an Award-Winning Mattress in a Box?

We have spent decades conceptualising, designing and testing ideas to try and create the best mattress in Australia. 

Every bit of our hard-earned expertise has gone into the Sleep Republic hybrid mattress.


Cashmere comfort

The surface of the mattress is knitted in cashmere for a truly luxurious sleep.


Supportive contouring

Our mattress uses memory foam, infused with liquid and particle gel, to contour to every curve while relieving pressure from your joints as it supports your spine.


High-definition spring support

With up to 2500 HD pocket springs partitioned into 5 distinct body zones, you and your co-sleeper can shift and shuffle without disturbance.


Natural breathability

Natural latex and 3D spacer fabric provide excellent ventilation to disperse body heat and keep cool air flowing through the night.


Steady edge support

With extra-sturdy steel springs lining the edges of the mattress, you won’t have to worry about your loved ones or your pets rolling off onto the floor in the middle of the night.


Try a Night on an Award-Winning Mattress

We strongly believe that a good night’s sleep is the foundation for a great day. Set yourself up for success with a night on Australia’s best mattress in a box.

Make the most out of your new Sleep Republic mattress with our range of mattress accessories. Let us sort you out with a bed base, pillow, sheets and mattress protector — everything you need to set up the perfect bedroom. We’ve even got a plush memory foam dog bed for your best friend to enjoy.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is a mattress in a box better than a regular store-bought mattress?

The Sleep Republic mattress in a box is just as good as the rigid mattresses at a retail store.

There’s a common misconception that only a shoddy, cheap mattress can be stuffed into a box. While that might have been true in the early days of boxed mattresses, it’s never been true for our mattress, and it never will be.

The Sleep Republic mattress is designed with the stresses of being rolled into a box in mind. As a result, it will not lose any of its structural integrity, support or comfort. Not only that, the boxing process pre-ages the mattress for you, so it won’t drastically change over time the way store-bought mattresses do.


Does Sleep Republic offer free mattress delivery?

Absolutely. We offer free mattress delivery anywhere in Australia. 

We partner with reliable delivery services across Australia’s states and territories. As long as they can reach you, you won’t have to worry about delivery costs.


I want to try the Sleep Republic mattress, but what if it isn’t right for me?

As a rule of thumb, you should test any mattress for at least 14 days — the Sleep Republic mattress comes with a 100-night trial. That ought to be plenty of time to test your new mattress thoroughly. We reckon it lives up to the hype.

If you’re not satisfied with your mattress, let us know, and we’ll collect it and donate it to one of our charity partners. If you’re within one of our partner’s collecting areas, we’ll make sure your mattress is returned for free.


What warranty does the Sleep Republic mattress come with?

We offer a 12-year warranty on the Sleep Republic hybrid mattress. This warranty protects you against faulty materials and workmanship. Your order will contain a welcome pack with all of the warranty details you need.

We also offer a 3-year warranty on our pillows and a 12-month warranty on our sheets and protectors.

If you’d like to make a warranty claim, please contact us at