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Out With The Old – The 5 Signs You Need A New Mattress


A good mattress is like a good partner; they are there when you need them, supportive and great to lie (or rely) on. But sometimes your mattress can let you down. So how do you know when your mattress needs to be replaced? There are a few telling signs which should alert you that it’s time to ditch your mattress for a new one.

You wake up more tired than before

You would assume that any sleep would leave you feeling well rested when you woke up, but if your mattress is on the way out, it can actually leave you feeling tired and restless. This is because your body would have subconsciously spent all night tossing and turning to find the most comfortable position; a position that doesn’t exist with your current mattress.

If you’re having more bad nights than good ones, and there are no underlying factors like sleep apnoea or an annoying partner contributing to your lack of rest, it is probably time to put your mattress to pasture.

You’re stiff and sore – and not in a good way

An old mattress will gradually lose the ability to provide adequate support over time, especially if the mattress is made from sub-par materials. Back pain and neck pain is a sign that your mattress is past its use-by date, especially if your pain slowly reduces throughout the day. Start your day right by investing in a good quality gel infused mattress.

You’re choosing to sleep in other places

If you’re waking up on the couch after a quiet Saturday night in and choosing not to go back to your bed, it could be a sign that, subconsciously, you’re not enjoying sleeping on your own mattress. Discomfort is a major cause of not being able to sleep soundly in your bed, and by simply changing your mattress, you can improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

You’re waking up due to allergies

The more you use a mattress, the more allergens you attract, especially sneaky little dust mites that feed off the skin flakes we shed – disgusting we know! Watering eyes, a blocked nose and coughing could be a sign that your mattress has reached saturation point – literally. Memory foam and gel foam mattresses are the most resistant to dust mites and using a mattress protector will help keep your mattress as new as the day you bought it.

There’s an excessive dip in the mattress

That sinking feeling you get in bed probably isn’t the combined weight of all your thoughts and anxieties; it’s just your mattress! A good mattress will keep the same level of support no matter how often you are sleeping in the same spot. If you look at your mattress and see an excessive dip, it’s a sure sign that you need a new one. How excessive is too excessive? Read our blog about sag here.

Now that you’ve realised you need a new mattress, why not check out our gel infused memory foam mattress, which will give you a great night’s sleep, and best of all, you have 100 nights to decide if it’s the right one for you. Order online and get free delivery Australia-wide. See why our customers love their new mattress!