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Sleep Republic named best pocket spring mattress by CHOICE

The only mattress to win top awards from both Bedbuyer and CHOICE

CHOICE is trusted by millions of Australians. Run by the Australian Consumers’ Association, CHOICE has an uncompromising methodology for testing mattresses.

In exciting news, CHOICE has named Sleep Republic the highest rated pocket spring mattress in the country. This honour comes hot on the heels of Bedbuyer — another quality consumer advocacy organisation — naming Sleep Republic Best Overall mattress in a box for two years running.

From fluid resistance to durability, the CHOICE team found lots to like about the Sleep Republic mattress. Read on to discover some of the key features about the Sleep Republic mattress that CHOICE found to be particularly impressive.

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The Sleep Republic mattress is incredibly resistant to sagging

Some mattresses sag over time. To test mattress, CHOICE uses a cask-shaped roller over a mattress again and again, simulating eight years of use. The mattress’s height and firmness are measured before and after the experiment.

On the CHOICE sagging test, Sleep Republic’s mattress achieved a near perfect score. That means when you buy a Sleep Republic mattress, you’ll be able to enjoy the extraordinary support and cushioning night after night.

Perfect sweat repellant

People sweat when they sleep, and smelly, yellowing mattresses get to be that way because they absorb sweat. The exception? Sleep Republic’s sweat repellent mattress.

Lower scoring mattresses on the CHOICE sweat repellent test tend to absorb moisture. The mattress quality will deteriorate over time as a result, and become odorous. The Sleep Republic mattress, on the other hand, gets a perfect score from CHOICE.

The CHOICE testers discovered that the Sleep Republic mattress did not retain any fluids, meaning that even the sweatiest sleepers can use the Sleep Republic mattress without fear.

Easy to transport

The CHOICE team also noted that our mattress in a box comes with wheels, making it easy to transport. So, not only is the Sleep Republic mattress comfortable and durable, it’s also conveniently packaged and easy to move. It’s just one of the many small and delightful finishing touches that makes our mattress stand out.

Very high scores for comfort retention

As well as the aforementioned sag resistance, the Sleep Republic mattress was also tested for comfort retention. This test subjected the mattress to regular wear and tear equivalent to years of use, and then evaluated whether the mattress retained a high level of comfort.

The results were outstanding. In both the male and female categories, where comfort is tested for different body types and shapes, the Sleep Republic mattress was demonstrated to stay very comfortable.

It’s official, with Bedbuyer and CHOICE recognise the Sleep Republic mattress as one of the best pocket spring mattresses in Australia, and will stay great for years to come. Find out more about our mattress and start sleeping better ASAP.