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Sleep Republic wins Australia’s ‘Best Overall’ mattress award 2 years running: 2020 & 2021

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Find out why we’ve been recognised as one of Australia’s best mattresses

Bedbuyer is one of Australia’s leading mattress and bed review companies. They understand that buying a mattress is an investment, and with so many products in the market, buyers often find it hard to work out which mattress will be the best fit for their unique needs. This is why, every year, their expert team tests and reviews over 1500 mattresses, and more than 100 mattress in a box products.

And this year, Sleep Republic has won the prestigious title of Australia’s ‘Best Overall’ mattress for the mattress in a box category. That’s two years running! We were compared against other high quality mattresses, so needless to say, the Sleep Republic team is thrilled to have been recognised for our worth.

At Sleep Republic, we’ve spent decades formulating and testing our products to create the best mattress possible. We’re passionate about the science behind what makes a mattress the best it can be, and we believe we’ve created the perfect solution. Check out our mattress, and accessories, today.

Why we were chosen for the ‘Best Overall’ mattress in a box

According to Bedbuyer, the combination of materials within our mattress is what makes it stand out. Our mattress comprises:

  • Natural latex
  • Premium memory foam
  • A high definition pocket spring system
  • Dynamic edge support

We believe a mattress needs a pocket spring system as it’s foundation. At first, it was hard to find a way to combine pocket springs while also fitting the mattress in a box. But thanks to our expert team, new technology, and constant research and development, we’ve solved the problem.

Not only do we include pocket springs, but we include the absolute maximum so those who buy our products can enjoy the utmost support at night.

What the Bedbuyer team had to say

The Bedbuyer team tested and reviewed our mattress, and the key takeouts they loved were that:

  • There is minimal partner disturbance
  • It’s competitively priced
  • It comes with a 12 year warranty
  • There’s a 100 night free trial period

They also said:

“Our review team loved the overall feel of the Sleep Republic Mattress. The Cashmere knitted fabric on top feels silky and luxurious, and it has a nice, authentic amount of ‘spring’ to it. Spinal support is exceptional, and is as good as any mattress in a box we have tested. It maintains the spine, pelvis, and shoulders superbly in all sleeping positions, with no sinking or dipping. The top layer also provides a divine level of comfort.”

See the full review here.

Why are springs so important?

Pocket springs are the most supportive system to ensure a restful and pain-free night of sleep. Because the springs are placed in individual pockets, they don’t move as a unit — unlike open coil mattresses.

We’ve formulated our pocket spring system to target five specific body zones, so our mattress is versatile for those experiencing pain in different areas of the body.

What about the other layers?

While we firmly believe pocket springs are essential, we also know that materials like memory foam and natural latex are important for comfort and ventilation.

  • Our gel-infused memory foam has been developed by NASA for pressure relief and body contouring. The gel component provides temperature stability — no more overheating during the night!
  • The natural latex layer provides breathability and promotes airflow, as it contains thousands of ventilation holes. This means your mattress will last you for many years to come.
  • Ever had that fear of falling off your mattress during the night? Our dynamic edge support is made of firmer high tensile steel springs, so sleepers needn’t worry about roll-off.

Customer reviews

Support and comfort

This is our second Sleep Republic mattress. We loved our first one, and now have another for our guest bed. Super comfortable, very supportive and no partner disturbance. Love, love, love our new mattress.

-Craig F.

Makes good on promise

You have achieved what you set out to do — hassle-free mattress purchase with very efficient and timely delivery, and easy to set-up once the box is opened. I cannot think how you could improve on this.

-Richard T.

The best thing on earth

No matter what I say here, it doesn’t matter. Just buy one and see for yourself — you will understand what I mean by the best sleep I have ever had.

-Chris D.

The Sleep Republic difference

Many of our customers are looking for a mattress which will support them during the night, regulate temperatures, and last for years to come. We understand that buying a mattress, especially if you have the prerequisites in mind, can be an investment. That’s why we offer a 100 night free trial.

We believe in our product so much that if you’re not satisfied with your experience of our product, you can return it — no questions, asterisks, or hidden clauses. All we ask is that you give your new mattress a minimum of 14 nights before you make a decision. Even if you’ve switched to the best possible mattress for your situation, it can take time for your body to adjust to your new sleeping arrangement.

After 14 nights, let us know and we’ll arrange a refund. We’ll pick up your mattress, and donate it to one of our affiliated charities. But, in all honesty, we’ve not had to do this too often. Our customers love our mattress so much they often buy another for a family member, or refer their friends to us.

At Sleep Republic, we offer alternate payment methods like Zip and Afterpay, and free mattress delivery no matter where you live. Explore our mattress and accessories range today.