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Why You Should Never, Ever Engage in Unprotected Sleep


We’re here today to teach you about using protection…mattress protection that is.

“What exactly is a mattress protector?” you may ask.

“What’s it used for?  Is it protecting me, or the mattress… or me from the mattress?”

Let’s start with a fact: Humans are made up of about 60% water.  What does that mean for your poor, unsuspecting mattress?  Well, that means that every night there’s going to be bit of leakage – mostly sweat, but let’s not forget about our old friends drool and urine (we’re looking at you, children!).  Either way, your mattress is in the splash zone 100% of the time that you’re on it.

Add our little leakage problem to the amount of dried skin cells that we slough nonstop… it’s enough to keep you up at night.  A good quality mattress lasts over ten years, which means that after awhile, you could have a jungle in there!

Washing sheets regularly will assist with keeping your slumber palace clean, but it simply isn’t good enough. All sheets are porous to a greater or lesser degree and they let “stuff” get through.

Fear not friends, there is a better way!  Adding a mattress protector to the mix will help you create a healthy sleep environment while keeping your mattress nice and tidy.

A good quality protector fits the mattress like a glove and provides a clean, fresh under-base for your sheets. Keep in mind that protectors should be washed regularly.

Look out for these key features when trying to find a good mattress protector:

  • Bacteria resistant
  • Anti allergenic
  • Moisture wicking



Some manufacturers offer mattress tops that can be unzipped for cleaning.  While this may sound convenient, the practicality of cleaning a quilted top that may contain foam, latex and/or Gel is questionable. The degradation that happens to these materials in the cleaning process is not recommended! So we say, give your mattress some space and always get a separate mattress protector.

In addition to using mattress protectors, we recommend regular airing of the mattress and vacuuming it to remove dust and debris.

Your mattress is your closest friend; look after it for a long, happy and sanitary relationship!