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What is a hybrid memory foam mattress?


Discover what ultimate comfort feels like

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, but how can we get the best one? Shopping for a new mattress can be tricky, there are a lot of options to consider and it’s an important decision. You’re going to spend a lot of time on your new mattress, after all.

So what does ‘hybrid’ really mean when we’re talking about mattresses? At Sleep Republic, it means we’ve combined several different materials to create Australia’s most comfortable and supportive mattress. It’s a bed in a box with a difference.

Find out why our mattress is Australia’s best mattress in a box

What is a hybrid memory foam mattress?

Hybrid memory foam mattress cross section

A hybrid memory foam mattress is simply a mattress which combines memory foam with other materials, usually latex foam or springs. At Sleep Republic, our hybrid mattress combines six different materials to create the ultimate hybrid mattress.

Our hybrid mattress uses:

  1. Cashmere knitted fabric surface
  2. Gel infused memory foam
  3. Natural latex foam
  4. High definition pocket spring system
  5. Dynamic edge support system
  6. 3D spacer fabric side panels

We’ve chosen a range of high-quality materials and combined them, so you can get the best features of each one with your Sleep Republic mattress.

The advantage of combining materials

So we know a hybrid mattress combines different materials, but what does each one give you in terms of comfort and support? Here is how the most important layers of our mattress work together to support you while you’re sleeping:

1. Gel infused memory foam

Memory foam releases pressure in your muscles and joints by contouring to your body and providing a soft, comfortable surface. The gel infused with the memory foam provides temperature stability to help avoid overheating.

2. Natural latex

Natural latex foam gives you outstanding support and recovery for your body while you’re sleeping. The surface also provides air flow with thousands on small ventilation holes, and natural latex is also environmentally sustainable and renewable.

3. High definition pocket springs

Our spring system uses a huge number of small springs (2,250 in the king size) to provide all the support your body needs while you’re sleeping, as well as reduced partner disturbance. Our high definition pocket spring system is also set up to give you the right amount of support in five specific body zones. Using pocket springs also means our mattress will stay supportive for much longer than mattresses without springs.

Why is a hybrid mattress better than other memory foam mattresses?

To answer this question, we need to understand what the ideal mattress should be doing for your body. Your mattress needs to be soft enough to allow your muscles and joints to relax and release pressure. But you don’t want to sink too deep in the softness; your mattress also needs to be firm enough to support your spine and keep it at a straight, natural alignment.

If your mattress is too firm, your muscles and joints won’t be able to fully relax. If it’s too soft, your spine will be out of alignment and cause pressure between your vertebrae. This is why our mattress is medium-firm, giving you the best of both worlds—all the comfort and support you need for a great night’s sleep.

Regular memory foam mattresses which don’t have an advanced spring system are unlikely to give you the proper support you need for your back.

Choose the best mattress with Sleep Republic

Sleep Republic is Australian owned, and our mattress is designed by Australians, for Australians. We created our mattress to provide the very best comfort and support you can get anywhere.

Your Sleep Republic mattress arrives in a convenient box with free delivery. Not only that, but it’s supported by a 12-year warranty and our 100 night comfort guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your mattress within 100 nights, we’ll simply pick it up free of charge from anywhere in Australia, and you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked, no worries.

Are you ready to discover what comfort really feels like with the best bed in a box? Learn more about your new mattress here