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What’s the difference between a single mattress and a long single?


A little extra room goes a long way towards comfort

Choosing between a single mattress and a long single mattress is a key decision for many people. Families especially are often looking for more room to cater for their growing children and teenagers. The third option, the king single, offers even more length than a long single, while still remaining relatively compact in size.

The difference between a single mattress and long single mattress is simple — length. The long single is about 15 centimetres longer than the normal single. The king single retains this length, and adds a comfortable 15 centimetres in extra width. These three sizes have their own benefits, which we have detailed below.

Sleep Republic is in the business of making a great mattress, no matter the size. Whether you’re looking for a single mattress, long single mattress, or king single mattress, we have you covered with our BedBuyer award-winning sleeping solutions.

Single mattresses

The single mattress is a staple of family homes around the country. Perfect for children, and smaller sleeping situations, it is the ideal sleeping solution for:

  • Young children sharing rooms
  • Families looking to maximise floor space
  • Single sleepers in compact spaces
  • People looking for budget solutions

Sleep Republic’s single mattress is 188 centimetres long and 92 centimetres wide, allowing plenty of room for sleeping, reading, and other activities. We also managed to sneak in 1081 individual pocket springs into this area, giving the sleeper ultimate comfort and support from edge to edge.

Long single mattresses

The long single mattress looks exactly how it sounds — a longer version of the compact single mattress. Sleepers that will get the most of this extra length include:

  • Growing children and teenagers
  • Single sleepers in small rooms
  • The elderly sleeping alone

Our long single mattress measures 203 centimetres long and 92 centimetres wide, offering a grand 15 centimetres in length difference over the standard single. We’ve also managed to fit 1100 individual pocket springs across this space, making sure that your sleeper receives the support they need.

King single mattresses

The king single mattress is the best option for those wishing to provide comfortable sleeping options, with more width to stretch out. Sleepers that will benefit from this extra space include:

  • Older people sleeping alone
  • Young adults moving out for the first time
  • Singles and college students in dorms

Sleep Republic’s king single mattress measure a generous 203 centimetres long, by 107 centimetres wide, slightly wider than the long single. Throughout this mattress, you’ll find exactly 1250 individual pocket springs, meaning that the space you gain is equally supported. This is particularly beneficial for the elderly, who require additional support around the joints.

How to come to a decision

Choosing between a single, long single, and kind single isn’t easy. There are so many factors to be aware of. Here are some of the main questions to ask yourself before you purchase:

  • How much space do I have? Smaller rooms in many living situations can only afford a single.
  • How long do I intend the mattress to be used for? We recommend changing mattresses every 5 to 10 years.
  • Will the mattress support my sleeper throughout that time? If they are growing, they might need a bigger option.

If you’re unsure about the specifications or suitability of your desired sleeping solutions, get in touch with Sleep Republic. Our friendly customer service team are more than happy to take you through the options and help you decide upon the right one for your situation.

Why choose Sleep Republic

At Sleep Republic, we make quality mattresses in all sizes. Throughout our entire manufacturing and delivery process, we maintain quality. Quality materials, quality designs, and quality workmanship mean that you’ll have a quality sleep, night after night.

As mentioned above, our mattresses contain hundreds of pocket springs, ensuring that you receive the best support all over the body. We combine this support with ultimate comfort, provided by foam layers, natural latex layers, high quality spacer fabric, and incredibly soft pillow tops.

Here are the many benefits of buying a single, long single, or king single from us.

  • Buy online and save with bundles
  • Free shipping around Australia
  • Try risk-free with our 100 Night Guarantee
  • Easy returns policy

If you’re ready for a better sleep, then Sleep Republic should be your first call. Buy one of our award winning mattresses today, and enjoy the rest you’ve always dreamed about.