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Why You Should Consider A Hybrid Mattress

Your Guide to Hybrid Mattresses

Human ingenuity is a wonderful thing, and it’s what we have to thank for the products we use in our daily lives. It’s our ability to improve on things that resulted in cars developing better safety systems and our homes being built using brick and mortar instead of straw and mud.


The mattress is no different and has come a long way since the reed and rock mats we used thousands of years ago. Nowadays the best mattresses have memory foam or innersprings – and with the creation of the hybrid mattress, you can enjoy both at once.


Why Choose A Hybrid?


When you think of memory foam, you think comfort, and when you think of innersprings, you think support. A hybrid mattress is soft and inviting, while at the same time letting you move without sinking. It’s a great choice if you have any of the following sleep habits:


  • You sleep on your side – When you sleep on your side, your shoulders and hips need support. With a hybrid mattress, these areas are relieved of pressure while being kept buoyant.


  • You share a bed – If you struggle to sleep due to an active sleeping partner, a hybrid mattress will reduce the movement you feel. The foam padding absorbs the impact and sound of any extra movement.


  • You like to be cool but comfy – Enjoy the comfort of foam but not how it traps heat? With a hybrid your bed circulates air through the coils, preventing overheating.


If you take a look around at hybrid mattresses on the market, you’ll see they come in many variations. Most combine springs, memory foam and latex in layers for the best supportive (springs), comfortable (memory foam) and durable (latex) result. Some mattresses have additional layers and features, and the Sleep Republic mattress is one of them.


The Perfect Combination


Sleep Republic has developed a hybrid mattress that promises to provide the ultimate sleeping experience. The mattress is encased in soft but firm cashmere, with breathable 3D spacer fabric at the sides for additional circulation. Beneath this lies gel infused memory foam, which contours to your body and offers temperature control for those hot summer nights. To extend longevity, natural renewable latex is used. Finally, the individual pocket springs are arranged into five zones to give your body the support it needs, with high tensile steel springs around the border of the mattress to give extra edge support”

The best way to see if a hybrid bed meets your needs is to try it yourself. Don’t delay any longer, check out the Sleep Republic mattress today!