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A guide to improving your sleep this winter

How can I make my mattress more comfortable?

Don’t let winter ruin your sleep

On a cold winter’s night, there’s nowhere cosier than a warm, comfy bed. However the cooler weather can also disrupt our sleep patterns.

For those who sleep poorly in winter, this can mean problems ranging from tiredness and moodiness to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and depressive episodes.

At the Sleep Republic we’ve been making premium pocket-spring mattresses for over 20 years, and we’re experts in ensuring you get a great night’s sleep no matter the time of year. Try our top tips for sleeping well in winter.

Top tips for sleeping well in winter

Keep warm

A cold breeze can interrupt the soundest sleep. If you’re having a problem staying warm at night:

  • Ensure there are no drafts in your bedroom
  • Layer your bedding for extra warmth
  • Use a thicker natural fibre drape, like our natural bamboo sheets
  • Use a hot water bottle or bean bag

We tend to lose a lot of heat through our extremities, so if you’re still feeling the cold then try keeping your feet and hands warm with socks.

But not too warm

Ironically, being too warm is a common cause of poor sleep problems in winter. Experts say body temperature plays a critical role in regulating our body clock, which tells us when to feel sleepy or alert.

“If our core temperature is too high, the brain cannot easily make the switch from being awake to being asleep, or create the best-quality sleep,” says Matthew Walker, professor of neuroscience at the University of California, Berkeley.

A bedroom temperature of 15-20 degrees is ideal, and will encourage your body to release more of the natural sleep hormone melatonin.

Bath before bed

A hot bath or shower is a good way to get yourself warm before bed. And it can also help prepare you for a good night’s rest immediately afterwards, because cooling down is an important signal to our bodies that it’s time to go to sleep, says Professor Walker.


The ‘snuggle up’ mentality that winter induces all too often results in our exercise routines going out the window. But making the extra effort required to warm your muscles up in cold weather is really worth it – even just a 10-minute walk each day can be enough to improve sleep quality and increase sleep duration. And it will also help you to stay healthy and avoid that winter weight gain.

Woman stretching on a run


Winter alters so many of our routines, but try as far as possible to go to bed and get up at the same time each day. Expose yourself to bright sunlight in the morning, and let natural light into your home or workspace. This all helps to set your body clock and optimise the quality of your sleep later on.

Create a relaxing bedtime ritual to help you unwind at the end of the day. For example read a book or magazine by a soft light, listen to relaxing music or take that warm bath.


As hard as it may be, try to avoid TV and other screen use for the last hour before bed. Experts say night-time exposure to the blue light of digital screens (TVs, computers, phones and tablets) disrupts your body clock and suppresses melatonin.

Caffeine drinks

A hot tea or coffee can feel so comforting on a chilly winter’s night, but avoid caffeine before bed. Opt for a glass of warm milk or a herbal tea instead.

Quality mattress

A good bed is the foundation of a good night’s sleep all year round. If you find you’re not sleeping well, it may be time for a new mattress.

Find out what a difference a new Sleep Republic mattress could make to your sleep by taking us up on our 100-night no-obligation trial, with free same-day delivery and free returns nationwide.

Your mattress should be providing you with a medium-firm level of support, not too hard and not too soft – and that’s exactly what we have designed at the Sleep Republic.

All our mattresses consist of:

  • A top layer of cashmere knitted fabric, warm and soft to the touch yet extremely durable
  • Gel-infused memory foam that delivers temperature stability, keeping you warm but wicking away excess heat, while also providing pressure relief and body contouring
  • Natural latex to keep your bed breathable through thousands of tiny ventilation holes and provide superior support
  • Close to 2000 individual  pocket springs, meaning no partner disturbance and more support in 5 key body zones.

You can buy now from Sleep Republic and pay later with Zip and Afterpay.

Need help or have a question on choosing the right mattress for you? Call us on 1800 753 371, email us on, chat with us online or see our FAQs.