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How to choose the right foam mattress


Using mattress reviews to choose the best foam mattress for you

Buying a new mattress is an important decision, and you have plenty of options to choose from. So how do you make sure you get the best mattress for you?

You need to choose the right type of mattress to suit your needs and preferences, and of course you need to check the reviews to make sure it lives up to your expectations. So here’s our guide to the features you should consider, and what to look for in mattress reviews, so you can choose the right mattress for you.

Find out why so many people are choosing the Sleep Republic hybrid foam mattress. You can try it for yourself with free same day delivery and our 100 night comfort guarantee.

How do you choose the best foam mattress?

Before we start looking at mattress reviews, it’s worth considering what kind of features you want. You’re going to spend about a third of your time on your new mattress, so you need to make sure it’s going to give you all the support you need for the best night’s sleep.

Here are some of the features which make our foam mattresses really special:

  • Natural latex foam, not synthetic
  • Gel infused memory foam, not regular memory foam
  • Lots of pocket springs

Since it’s a hybrid foam mattress, we’ve combined several different materials to create the very best mattress. You get the best of both worlds with comfort and support. The foam layers give you that comfortable, weightless feeling, while the high definition pocket spring system gives your body the support it needs.

Softness lets your muscles fully relax while the spring system provides the correct support to keep your spine at a natural alignment, relieving pressure between your vertebrae.

So if you’re looking for the best foam mattress, the answer is actually a hybrid foam mattress with a high-quality spring system. However, we love the mattress we’ve created, so we are biased. This is why mattress reviews are so useful and important—you don’t have to take our word for it.

Get the most out of mattress reviews

With so many online mattress retailers, looking at bed in a box reviews is an essential step in the shopping process. But with the sheer volume of online reviews, it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are our tips for getting the most out of online mattress reviews:

1. Look for reviewers you resonate with. You shouldn’t always trust what strangers are saying on the internet, so it’s worth trying to find reviews written by people who seem to know what they’re talking about, or who have preferences which are similar to your own.

2. Find reviews which address your questions or concerns. For example, if you have back pain or if you’re concerned that the edges of the mattress will sag, look for reviews which address those points.

3. Have a look at professional reviews. There are several independent mattress review sites which can be helpful if you’re looking for an expert opinion on a mattress you’re considering.

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What are people saying about Sleep Republic?

At Sleep Republic, we’ve helped thousands of Australians to sleep better. We love hearing about all the restful slumber our customers get, and we’re excited to share some of their kind words with you. Here’s what some of our customers had to say in their Sleep Republic mattress reviews:

Great customer service and great mattress!!
Received our mattress and base with same day delivery! We are so happy with how comfortable the bed is and the bonus sheets and mattress protector are amazing too. The mattress is soft yet firm as advertised… The base is also robust with no squeaking or movement. Customer service were very proactive when I managed to make a mistake on the order; they rectified it straight away.

–Sarah G, 5 stars

What a dream
So grateful to the people at Sleep Republic! Loving the new mattress and bed. My partner and I are finally sleeping well again thanks to you.

–Sophie P, 5 stars

Wonderful Mattress!
My mattress was purchased quite some time ago now, I remember thinking I’ll leave a review once I’ve tried it out for a while. Now its probably 6-7 months after purchasing & my partner and I are still absolutely in love with this mattress!This was my first bed in a box so I was not quite sure what to expect, I’d had futon mattresses & various other types of spring mattresses but this is by far the best mattress ever!

I have fibromyalgia & other chronic pain issues so its really important I have the right mattress – & it seems I’ve found it. It’s always a pleasure to crawl into such a soft, comfortable bed & gone are the days of waking up with bodily aches & pains.

–Toni S, 5 stars

See more mattress reviews from our happy customers.

Rest easy with Sleep Republic

It’s not just our mattresses that are supportive. We make the process of buying a mattress easy and stress-free for our customers.

With our 100 night guarantee, you can get to know your Sleep Republic mattress without any risk. If it’s not the perfect mattress for you, we will pick it up for free and give you a full refund. No questions asked, no worries.

We even make it easier than ever to get your new mattress with free delivery all over Australia, and free same day delivery in major cities. That’s right, you can order your new mattress in the morning and sleep on it that night.

Find out more about how the Sleep Republic mattress will give you the best night’s sleep.