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Your guide to caring for your mattress


Top tips on mattress care and maintenance

A good mattress should last you well over a decade with proper care.

At the Sleep Republic, all our mattresses come with a 12-year warranty.  We make high quality pocket spring mattresses, that will stand the test of time.

With over 20 years in the business, we’ve learned how to make the perfect mattress, and we know how best to care for them. Here are our top tips to help ensure that you get as much life out of your mattress as possible.

Top tips on caring for your mattress

Use protection

A mattress protector creates a spill-proof, dust-proof barrier around your bed. We recommend you choose a quality mattress protector such as the 5S Antimicrobial Protector. Treated with silver chloride to inhibit bacteria, mould and mildew, it prevents stains and odours, as well as prolonging mattress life.

Spin zone

You never need to flip your Sleep Republic mattress. However rotating it top to bottom every few months will help to prevent compression in heavily used spots.

Keep it clean

If you happen to spill liquid onto your mattress, then blot it dry as soon as you can. And if you notice any stains or marks, remove them by gently wiping or dabbing with a damp cloth. Never use solvents or strong chemicals. Afterwards, allow the damp area plenty of time to dry before making up the bed again.

Suck it up

Cleaning Mattresses

Regular vacuuming can help keep your mattress clean by removing accumulations of dust and skin particles that can build up over time.

Consider using the handheld brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to protect the lining of your mattress. To absorb mattress odours, sprinkle baking soda and leave for 30 minutes, then use the vacuum cleaner to remove.

Jump off

While your children may enjoy sharing your bed, jumping on it should be avoided. This can result in damage to your mattress’s pocket springs, as well as the layers of memory foam, natural latex and knitted cashmere that make your Sleep Republic mattress so comfortable.

Light side

Occasionally exposing your mattress to fresh air and natural light can help to discourage mould and dust mites, and the increased air flow carries away moisture and musty smells.



Try to convince your dog or cat to sleep in their own bed, or at the very least on top of the covers. Dogs may chew, lick and scratch their bedding, and pets can introduce hair, parasites, and allergens into the bed.

  • HINT: Why not treat your dog to his or her own high-quality purpose-designed dog bed, lined with ‘K9’ memory foam and fitted with a durable, removable and washable suede-feel cover. Like all Sleep Republic mattresses, our dog beds come with free delivery nationwide.

Carry with care

If you need to move your mattress then lift and carry it with care, and ensure it is fully supported during transport.

Home base

A quality bed base will protect your mattress from the bottom up, supporting its weight firmly and evenly and preventing premature sagging.

Consider having a custom-designed Sleep Republic bed base delivered for free they’re easy to assemble, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Time for change

Even with the very best care, your mattress will eventually wear out. It may already be showing its age, or perhaps you’re waking up with an aching back.

If you see any of the classic signs you need a new mattress, or suspect your old mattress may be the cause of these health issues, then it might be time to see what a difference a new mattress could make to your life, and there’s an easy and cost-free way to find out.

With a free 100-night trial period and free delivery and free returns nationwide, why not try out a brand new Sleep Republic mattress?

Perfect sleep experience

Mattress Memory Foam

Our mattresses are built on a base of over 1000 pocket springs, topped with gel-infused memory foam, lined with anti-allergenic natural latex and covered with knitted cashmere to create a perfect medium-firm sleep experience that’s designed to last.

We’ve been in the mattress industry for over 20 years, and over 20 per cent of our customers are either repeat or are referred to us by existing customers—see the hundreds of independently verified customer reviews on our website for yourself.

We offer free same-day delivery for orders received before midday in most major metropolitan areas, and we’ll deliver your mattress anywhere in Australia provided we can reach you.

And you can buy now from Sleep Republic and pay later with Zip Pay and Afterpay.

Need help, or have a question about mattress care and maintenance? Call us on 1800 753 371, email us on, chat with us online or see our FAQs