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Apps to help you track sleep and improve sleep

Wondering if apps can help you track and improve sleep? Find out how sleep tracking apps can benefit you.

Want to improve your sleep cycle? Technology can give you a helping hand. Many sleep tracking apps introduced in the market not only tracks your sleep but also helps to improve your sleep hygiene routine.

Poor quality sleep causes various mental and physical health issues. It can make you feel drowsy and grumpy, loss of interest, mood changes, difficulty thinking and concentration, heart diseases, and weakened immunity.

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How do apps help to track sleep and improve the sleep cycle?

Wondering how tracking your sleep will help you to improve your sleep routine? Tracking your sleep will help you to understand if you are getting enough quality sleep or not. The information you get after monitoring your sleep with sleep tracking apps will help you identify the factors that interfere with your healthy sleep and provide feedback on how to improve your sleep hygiene routine.

If you think that wearing a watch or a fitness band while sleeping is the only way to track your slumber, you might be wrong. You can track your sleep with your mobile sleep tracking apps, too.

How do mobile sleep tracking apps work?

Hands holding mobile phone

In a mobile sleep tracking app, your phone uses its built-in accelerometer to determine the quality of your sleep. Running few algorithms and statistical analysis, the sleep tracking apps interpret data about the movements and records your snoring and other noises you make while you are fast asleep.

Once you are awake, you will be able to see how well you slept last night. Based on the results you get, you can make changes in your lifestyle to improve your sleep. Besides tracking your sleep, these apps can also help you doze off with the soothing music or sounds of nature.

What are the best apps that can help you track sleep and improve sleep?

Looking for the best apps for your Android or iOS device to track and promote sleep? After a lot of research, reading hundreds of reviews and testing apps, we have compiled a list of 7 popular sleep tracking mobile apps that will help you track your sleep and improve your sleep hygiene so that you wake up feeling charged.


SleepScore is available for both iOS and Android devices. This app helps to track and analyse different sleep patterns and provides personalised recommendations to improve sleep. It also understands the number of people sleeping on the bed and ensures tracking is correct.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle has got an excellent sleep tracking technology. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. This app tracks how well you slept and provides a detailed analysis of when you were in a deep sleep and light sleep. It also detects snoring and other sounds while you are asleep.

Sleep Time

You can track your sleeping patterns and monitor your movements with the Sleep Time app. It is ideal for iOS and Android devices. The smart alarm feature wakes you up during your light sleep period.

Sleep Bot

Sleep Bot works well with both Android and iOS devices. This app has a reliable sleep tracking technology that records user behaviour, sleep patterns, and movements and a smart alarm that will wake you up during your light sleep.

Sleep as Andriod

Very few sleep tracking apps can compete with Sleep as Android. It is only available for Android devices. This app not only tracks your sleep but also puts you to sleep. It uses motion sensors and sonar waves to detect motions and patterns during sleep. It also has a smart alarm feature.


Pillow is another mind-blowing sleep tracking app. It tracks and records everything that you do right from snoring to sleep talk while you are sleeping. This app also monitors your heart rate, which provides a complete insight into your sleep cycle. However, this app is available for only iOS devices.

Sleep Genius

Approved by NASA scientists, this app is developed by experts in neuroscience, sleep and music. It not only tracks your sleeping patterns but also helps in relaxing your mind and sleeping peacefully. This app works well on both iOS and Android devices.

Can a mattress help you promote or improve sleep?

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