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Can music make you sleep?

Tired of trying to get a good night’s sleep? Learn how music can break the cycle of sleeplessness.

When you can’t sleep, you may find your mind racing with thoughts and your body tossing and turning. That’s when a question arises: how to fall asleep in a matter of minutes?

A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow, says Charlotte Bronte. Research shows that relaxation is the key to falling asleep. Have you seen how babies fall asleep to lullabies and gentle music? Listening to music calms down our nervous system, the endocrine, and psychological stress response and makes us feel relaxed and at ease, which can aid sleep.

Millions struggle to fall asleep every night. Are you one of them? By adopting the right approach, you can sleep as peacefully as a baby.

What you sleep on can also affect sleep. With Sleep Republic mattresses, experience cloud-like comfort and doze off within a matter of minutes. Know how our mattresses have helped people fall asleep.

How can music help you sleep better?

Stress, anxiety and depression affect our physical and mental health. The elevated levels of stress, anxiety and depression keep our minds alert and, it also lead to poor sleep and other sleeping disorders. Are you having a rough night, tossing and turning? Switching on a little bit of music can aid in achieving a good night’s sleep. Music is a cost-effective and natural way to get better sleep.

Researchers who studied the effect of music on sleep reported that listening to soft and gentle music lowers the heart rate, reduces stress and anxiety levels, and completely relaxes the body and mind. Music also effectively distracts the person from stressful thoughts and depressive feelings that could be keeping the person away from sleep. Reduction in the stress and anxiety levels enables one to fall asleep quickly and, in turn, improves the quality of sleep.

What kind of music can make you sleep fast?

music sleep

Are you wondering which music can help you catch better Zs? Lyz Cooper of the British Academy of Sound Therapy says that music that has positive memory association and that reminds us of a relaxed and happy time can help.

Research studiesalso reveal that listening to songs with ideally 60-80 beats per minute can calm you down and prepare your body and mind for better sleep. In particular, classical music and the sounds of nature are highly effective to achieve a night of peaceful sleep. But what works for one may not work well for others. How a person’s body and mind react to these types of music may differ from person to person due to individual preferences. You will have to experiment and see what kind of music works well for you.

Which are the best songs that will make you fall asleep faster?

Not all songs and music can make you sleep. Below is a list of calming songs and music that may help break the cycle of sleeplessness and help you drift off. Have they been scientifically proven to help? Not yet! But millions of happy sleepers can’t be wrong.

  • Marconi Union – Weightless
  • Max Richter – Dream 3
  • Coldplay – Strawberry Swing
  • Claude Debussy – Clair De Lune
  • Adele – Someone Like You
  • All Saints – Pure Shores
  • DJ Shah – Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix)
  • Barcelona – Please Don’t Go
  • Airstream – Electra
  • Rue du Soleil – We Can Fly
  • Mozart – Canzonetta Sull’aria
  • Enya – Watermark

What else works best for good sleep?

Apart from music, the mattress also plays a crucial role in achieving a peaceful and good night’s sleep. If you are not sleeping well, your mattress might also be a cause for ruining your sleep and keeping you awake. When you are choosing your mattress, choose the one that’s right for you. Some prefer a softer mattress, whereas others prefer firmer ones. Are you looking for a mattress that offers extreme comfort? Try Sleep Republic’s hybrid mattresses.

Discover the comfiest and supportive range of our hybrid mattress. We’ve designed our mattress to provide the utmost comfort and support so that you get your fabulous pink sleep every day. Rise feeling calm and refreshed, and shine the rest of the day.