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For Sheet’s Sake – Why Your Bedding Could Be Impacting Your Sleep


You’ve eliminated caffeine from your diet, put away your cell phone before bedtime and have a quality bed that promises a good night’s sleep. Despite this, you still spend the night tossing and turning – unable to nod off.


If this sounds familiar, don’t head off to your doctor for a prescribed sedative just yet. It could be your bed sheet that’s too blame! Here are two common mistakes people make when choosing your bedding and how to choose the right ones for your sleeping needs.


Mistake #1 – Using One Type Of Sheet All Year Long


Finding the perfect sheets means realising that your needs might change according to the season and that you might need several different sets. Our bodies are sensitive and being too cold or too hot can disrupt our sleeping patterns. Living in Australia, cold weather is less of a concern for us as it doesn’t occur as often, and it’s easier to get warmer than it is to get cooler.


Mistake #2 – Prioritising What Goes On Top – And Not What’s Underneath


Plenty of time is devoted to people finding the perfect duvets, and you don’t have to go far to seek advice on whether you should choose feathers, cotton or polyester as your filling of choice. Your actual bed sheets and your pillow sheets are just as important. The right sheeting won’t irritate your skin, harbour dust mites and allergens or bunch together.


Mistake #3 – Picking The Right Sheets


Feeling too hot to sleep? As temperatures in Australia continue to climb all year round, staying cool will not only help you sleep better but also reduce your reliance on an air conditioner.


The ideal bedding for a good night’s sleep will be breathable, allowing your body to cycle through heat surges as you sleep without waking you up or causing you to break out in an uncomfortable sweat. Avoid synthetic materials and go for cotton, silk or bamboo.


Bamboo sheets are more breathable than their counterparts as they can banish trapped moisture and sweat in half the time. It’s also a durable fabric, meaning it will last longer without yellowing – and without developing unattractive piling. Cleaning it is as easy as tossing it in the wash, and it will get softer and more comfortable each time. Bamboo is suitable for every member of the family as it’s hypoallergenic and resistant to microbes and bacteria – and unlike animal-derived fabrics, you can enjoy it as an eco-friendly and guilt-free alternative.


Ready to make the switch? You can find a wide range of bamboo sheets by visiting the Sleep Republic today. You could be sleeping better before you know it!