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3 Ways To Make Your Mattress Last Longer

3 Ways To Make Your Mattress Last Longer

Life changes when you invest in a good mattress. Finally, you know what it means to have a good night’s sleep. Your partner’s tossing and turning no longer affects you, you no longer wake up stiff and sore and falling asleep is as effortless as counting to five.


When buying your mattress, you would have heard that it’s going last you as long as 10 years. It could last you a lot longer than this with the right care – and much shorter if you fail to take the following measures to keep it in good condition.


Treat It With Respect


The first step in keeping your bed in top shape is showing it a little respect. This means reducing the wear and tear. While your children can share your bed, jumping should be avoided as they could damage your box springs at the same time. Eating in bed is another no-no, as no matter how neat you try to be, you’ll still end up shedding tiny crumbs, which can encourage bedbugs, cockroaches, and ants to flock to the area and infest your bedroom and mattress. Also keep your four-legged friends off your bedding, as they can bring parasites and other nasties such as worms right into your bed.


Treat It To Regular Care


Enjoying a new bed doesn’t mean just letting it sit there when you aren’t sleeping on it. It needs care too. Flip your mattress every few months – when buying your bed, you would have received information on how to do this. Twice annual vacuuming will also help keep your mattress clean, removing built-up dust that may have accumulated over the months.


Treat It To A Quality Base And Protection


If you want your mattress to last you longer and make cleaning and maintaining it easier, investing in a quality mattress base, protector and bed sheets are essential. A good base extends your mattress’s lifespan from the bottom up, keeping its structure intact, supporting its weight evenly and preventing sagging. It also encourages your mattress to breathe by letting air move through and around it.


A mattress protector protects from the top down, creating a leak and dustproof barrier between you and your bed. Finally, the right bed sheets will provide the perfect finishing touch, Breathable bedding such as bamboo sheets provide excellent temperature control, reducing tossing and turning. Less tossing and turning will keep your bed supporting you for longer.


Looking for a mattress that will last you the next decade? Check out the Sleep Republic mattress today or contact us for more bed care tips.