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Is Your Mattress The Cause Of These Bad Health Problems?


Not everyone wakes up each morning with a smile on their face and spring in their step. We all live busy lives, and our health often suffers because of it. It could be the glasses of wine you had last night; the stress of waking up late, getting stuck in traffic; or the fast food (and cigarettes) you sneaked in after work.


However, what happens when you eat right, don’t smoke or drink, exercise daily and manage your stress – and still can’t sleep well? Believe it or not, your mattress could be causing the following unpleasant health problems…



  • Allergies



Nothing is more unpleasant that nasal congestion, burning eyes, sneezing and sniffing. Antihistamines do provide relief but can leave you feeling sleepy. If you’ve never experienced hayfever before but are suddenly experiencing its symptoms, it might be your bed’s fault. Older beds that aren’t cleaned often can cause dust to develop, which can attract dust mites and in severe cases even bed bugs. Purchase an allergy-proof mattress protector to cover your bed. If your symptoms subside, you know it’s time to get a new mattress.



  • Aches And Pains



Your mattress can cause aches and pains all over your body. A bed that doesn’t provide enough support can cause back pain, one with sagging or lumps can hurt your neck and ones that place pressure on your knees, shoulder and hips can cause joint discomfort. Lingering aches and pains often lead to weight gain as it can keep you from exercising and cause you to take potentially addictive pain medication which have harsh side effects. If the pain is most intense the first thing in the morning, it’s likely being caused by your bed.



  • Snoring



Snoring is a common cause of strife in relationships, and your mattress could be causing it or making it worse. A mattress that has not kept its shape will sag, causing your body to sag with it, impeding your airway enough for snoring to occur. If you think that your partner should just put in some earplugs, remember that snoring can increase your chances of experiencing headaches and reflux in mild cases, as well as sleep apnoea, stroke and heart disease in more serious ones.


Never underestimate the importance of your mattress in helping you get a good’s night sleep and staying healthy. If you’re going to be spending a third of your life in bed, it only makes sense it will impact your waking hours, so choose wisely. If you aren’t sure where to begin with mattress shopping, contact Sleep Republic today.