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How much does a single mattress cost?

How much does a single mattress cost?

Understanding what goes into the pricing of a single mattress

Before you begin looking for a new mattress for your child, you may be wondering: how much does a single mattress cost? Sleep Republic’s single mattress starts at an affordable $629 with free shipping around Australia, giving your child years of great sleep for a reasonable price.

A mattress is a long term, high level investment in wellbeing. While a good night’s sleep is important, what’s also important is finding out exactly what you are paying for.

At Sleep Republic, our single pocket spring mattresses are painstakingly manufactured to exacting standards. We use the highest quality materials from all over the world to ensure that you are getting the best possible sleep, night after night. Here’s what you need to know about the cost of single bed mattresses.

Sleep Republic’s affordably-priced single mattresses will support your single sleeper for years to come. Try it out for 100 nights, completely risk free.

Single mattress sizes

As their name suggests, single mattresses are suitable for single sleepers. However, mattresses in this category come in a range of sizes, including single, long single, and king single. These mattresses require more materials to manufacture, and come at different price points.

When you buy a single mattress with Sleep Republic, you can expect to pay:

  • Single mattress: $629 with free delivery around Australia
  • Long single mattress: $729 with free delivery around Australia
  • King single mattress: $729 with free delivery around Australia

Factors that affect the cost of single mattresses

There are several things that factor into the costs of single mattresses listed above. Here are some of the biggest impacts on the bottom line cost.


A lot goes into the science of sleep. The Sleep Republic team has spent years designing, tweaking, and perfect our single mattresses. We’ve sold over 100,000 mattresses to families around the country, so we know what makes for a special sleep.

We constantly revisit our designs to ensure that we are employing the latest in mattress technology. If you see a change in price, it’s likely that we’ve had a change in design, always in pursuit of giving you the best sleep possible.


We use only the highest quality materials when making our single mattresses. We go to great lengths to work with quality suppliers to ensure that every product we make is comfortable and good for your health.

For instance, the Cashmere blend fabric we use throughout the single mattress has been CSIRO-tested in Australia. All fabrics contained within have been cleared from the presence of harmful chemical substances.

Looking towards the comfort layer of the mattress, our gel visco memory foam meets all CertiPUR-US® guidelines. This US-based program certifies that foam is tested, and meets all standards of content, emissions, and durability.

Our range of single mattresses also boasts between 1081 and 1250 individual pocket springs. This high definition concentration of springs supports the body from edge to centre. The more pocket springs, the higher the cost of the single mattress.


In order to keep costs down, we outsource our mattress manufacturing process to ethical factories in China. When the manufacturing process is complete, we then ship the new mattress back to Australia to our warehouses, ready to fill orders around the country.


Single mattresses, although the smallest kind, are heavy and awkward to lift. You might think that shipping them around the country is difficult and expensive. This is a common misconception.

Sleep Republic is so committed to keeping costs down for consumers that we offer free mattress delivery all around Australia. Shop online with us today to take advantage of this excellent offer.


When you pay for a premium mattress, you want to make sure that you are fully protected in the event that it doesn’t work out for you. At Sleep Republic, we are firm believers in the notion that life is too short to be out of pocket and behind on sleep.

Sleep Republic’s 100 Night Guarantee promises that you’ll fall in love with your new single mattress in the first 100 nights, or you’ll get a full refund. This isn’t part of the cost of your new single mattress, but rather an extra benefit of buying with Sleep Republic.

Why choose Sleep Republic

If you’re after value, comfort, and stability in equal measure, Sleep Republic is your best choice to buy a new single, long single, or king single mattress. We use the best materials in award-winning designs that are backed by our 100 Night Guarantee.

If you’re ready to buy a single mattress, you can’t go past Sleep Republic. Shop online with us today and receive free delivery all around Australia.