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How the Correct Pillow Height Can Help You Sleep Better


The neck and spine are among the most sensitive parts of the human body. This is because they have a significant concentration of nerve endings and act as a support structure for most of your body weight. Something as small as an ill-positioned pillow could have a long-term negative impact on your body. Choosing the perfect pillow is a subjective decision as people like different heights and firmness, largely dependant on their preferred sleeping position.

The relationship between your body and your pillow

Pillows are supposed to support the head in such a way that the entire spinal cord rests in a comfortable, neutral position when you sleep. If there’s too much pressure on a specific spinal disc or nerve, you stand a higher risk of developing a painful neck or back problem. The secret to countering this is even distribution of body weight which can be achieved through simple adjustments here and there.

How the correct pillow height can help you sleep

We all have different preferences when it comes to sleeping positions. Some people sleep on their backs or stomachs, while others sleep on their sides. Each position demands different types of support from a pillow.  That’s exactly why we offer two height options in our Sleep Republic pillow- 10cm “low profile” for a lower head and neck position that front and back sleepers may prefer, or 14cm “high profile” for a higher head position that side sleepers may prefer. Here are the benefits of using the correct height pillows for every kind of sleeper:

Back Sleeper

Your neck will tilt up or down in this sleeping position, so you should choose the high profile pillow to ensure the perfect height for spine alignment.

Stomach Sleeper

This position can strain your back and neck as your head is in an opposite position to your body. Choose the low profile pillow to decrease compression in the spine.

Side Sleeper

Your shoulder creates a gap between your head and the bed, so add some extra support for comfy sleep with the high profile pillow.

With an two different pillow height options from  Sleep Republic, you can find the perfect position for peaceful sleep. Shop online and discover why you’ll never go back to a regular pillow!