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7 Cool Tips For Sleeping In Summer


The warmer months come with everything we love – an abundance of ice cream, evening walks, and beach time. The one thing that we don’t look forward to is sleep. Isn’t it a bummer that the scorching weather makes sleep so restless and uncomfortable that you wake up too tired to enjoy anything the next day? If the highlight of your summer sleeping is finding a cold spot on your pillow, follow these cooling tips to help you beat the heat.

DIY air conditioning

All you need is a bowl of ice cubes placed in front of a running electric fan, and you’re good to go. If you don’t have an air conditioning system installed, this simple hack will do the trick.

Pillow talk

Most of your body heat is concentrated in your head, so make sure you have the right pillow to regulate its temperature. The Sleep Republic Pillow has a down layer which provides a natural coolness and ventilation as well as a gel memory foam inner core that is vented for maximum airflow and breathability during the night, keeping the pillow fresh. No more pillow flipping!

Switch off all appliances and devices

Everything from your smartphone charger to your TV generates ambient heat. Don’t leave them switched on beyond necessity.

Use your curtains as a shield

Despite the beautiful picturesque sky outside, you want to keep your curtains and blinds closed in summer. This is called passive cooling and helps to stop heat entering your heart. Open your windows and leave your curtains shut so they can serve as a shield from warm air and the sun.

Get loose

Stick to loose fitting pyjamas made from light, natural fabric will help wick the sweat away from your body. Otherwise, if you’re brave, you could go starkers.

Bamboo Bed Sheets

Better than cotton, both for your sleep and the environment, bamboo bedsheets are breathable and wick away moisture. At Sleep Republic, we’ve found a new way to make soft, durable and breathable sheets – made 100% from bamboo fibre. This product only gets softer with time and keeps you cool during summer.

A Gel-Infused, Hybrid Mattress

The Sleep Republic hybrid mattress is a perfect antidote to the summer heat. The combination of breathable natural latex and gel-infused memory foam for temperature stability will keep you cool all night long.

Sleep Republic has everything you need for a good night’s sleep. Try our pocket spring mattress for 100 nights and see why our customers love it!