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The Importance Of A Good Mattress Base


A strong foundation is an essential part in the building of any strong and lasting relationship, and this also applies to a mattress and a mattress base, with the latter often being overlooked in the quest for a good night’s sleep. The combination of a good mattress base and a mattress, not only guarantees that you will extend the lifespan of your mattress, but also that you will have a good night’s sleep.

However, a bad mattress base, even underneath a good mattress, affects your sleeping system leaving you sluggish, achy or tired in the morning and also contributes to partner disturbance and damage of your mattress. In such a scenario, a common mistake is to replace the mattress, forgetting about the bed base.

  • How to identify a good mattress base

A good base will be solidly constructed, enabling it to be strong enough to withstand your weight and the weight of the mattress without any sagging, breaking, cracking or bending. It will apply the same amount of pressure around the whole mattress, keeping you evenly supported throughout the night.

  • Why a slatted bed base is the best

Slats provide an even distribution of pressure around your mattress meaning it won’t sag and can bear the weight of a mattress and sleeping people on top of it. You will also feel evenly supported as you sleep.

Another important and overlooked features of a good base is air circulation which, not only prevents the build-up of mould and maintains excellent cleanliness but also allows you to have a much cooler and more comfortable sleep.

A good bed base is not only important for your sleep but also the life of your mattress. There is no use investing in a high-quality mattress if your bed base is wearing it out. Additional slats support the full weight of the mattress without allowing parts of it to sag, damaging the internal composition.

The Sleep Republic mattress base has been designed with 50% thicker slats than standard bed bases meaning it won’t bow, bend or break. They have 14 slats rather than the standard 10 or 12 and a steel centre beam for added support. More slats means the gap between them is reduced, which in turn means that the pocket springs have a firm base rather than being unsupported, potentially damaging the mattress core

Don’t forget about your mattress base when upgrading your sleep. Discover the difference at Sleep Republic.