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The Quest For Rest – 7 Reasons Why You Cannot Fall Asleep


Sleep is the most important part of your day, despite what breakfast may tell you. Occasional or regular sleepless nights of tossing and turning in a futile effort to get that elusive few hours of shut-eye is an unfortunate fact of life many Australians experience at some point in their lives.

If you are struggling to nod off at night, you might be falling victim to these sleep stoppers:

  • A heavy meal before bed

A delicious wholesome dinner in the evening after a long day is a nice idea but it could be why you arestruggling to sleep, as your body works extra hard to digest the food especially if the meal is loaded with fat and protein. Have lighter meals if you eat close to bedtime.

  • Electronic disruptions

A recent issue we all have to deal with is the reliance on electronic devices. These are with us all day, and if you are spending time on them before bed, it can dramatically impact your sleep. This is because the light from these devices triggers your brain into thinking it is daytime as well as suppressing the production of melatonin, a sleep hormone. Watching a movie or scrolling through your phone also stimulates your brain, making it more difficult to unwind and eventually, nod off.

  • Sharing your bed with your spouse and/or pet

Anyone with a partner or pet knows that although you love them, they can be downright disruptive to your sleep. Hot sleepers, blanket hogs, snorers, tossers (literally and figuratively) and the over-affectionate cat or dog can all prevent you from falling asleep. There are plenty of ways to deal with them without banishing them from the bedroom, including getting a larger mattress, earplugs, a fan or separate blankets.

  • You’re too hot/ or cold

With the ever-changing weather in Australia, it can be hard to keep up with the temperature changes when you hop into bed. Your choice of sleepwear, bed sheets, mattress or room could be contributing to difficulty falling asleep. Bamboo bed sheets have a natural wicking ability and allow your body to breathe, making temperature control more manageable.

  • Your room glows

Any small amount of light from an alarm clock, phone or streaming in through your windows could be keeping you awake, as this light enters your retina alerting your brain that it is daytime. Block out curtains, turning your phone to Do Not Disturb, or a cover for your alarm clock can quickly solve this problem.

  • Thinking too much

Thinking too much may stand between you and a good night’s sleep. Meditation and controlled breathing before bed can help you control your thoughts while counting sheep is a trusted method to help you fall asleep too.

  • An uncomfortable mattress

If you’ve been through the list and still can’t figure out why you aren’t able to fall asleep, the final culprit could be your mattress. As mattresses get older they can start to sag or feel lumpy which is uncomfortable and could keep you awake. Even if your mattress is relatively new, the wrong kind of mattress can also prevent you from sleeping. The high definition pocket spring mattress from Sleep Republic has a gel infused memory foam layer to aid in pressure relief and temperature control. It is super supportive and is the best mattress for back pain.

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