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Moving On? What To Do With Your Old Mattress


If you’ve decided to retire your old mattress and purchase a new one you need to start thinking about how you are going to dispose of the old one. There certainly isn’t enough room for both of them and getting rid of an old mattress can be a pain in the back – not unlike the pain it has been giving you for the past few months.

Regardless of how you choose to remove it, you need to make sure it is disposed of responsibly. It’s tempting to just leave it on the side of the road – out of sight, out of mind – but there are many ways you can dispose of it responsibly.

  • Recycle It

Every year, 1 million mattresses find their way to landfills all over Australia. Most mattresses are made of cotton, wood, steel and polyurethane, and that’s a combo that’s quite tricky to untangle. Luckily there are a number of mattress recycling programs all over Australia that can recycle up to 75% of the mattress’s materials including the springs and cloth.

  • Give it back

When you do decide on where you’re purchasing your new mattress from, ask the store or even the manufacturer if they’ll take your old one off your hands. Many of these businesses already have a mattress recycling solution or charity network that they’ll direct the used mattress towards.

  • Book a pick-up

If you’ve missed the yearly council clean up, don’t worry, as you can still book a council pick-up for your old mattress. There are also private waste management services that you can book to pick up your mattress.

  • Sell it

If your mattress is still in reasonably good condition – no stains, marks or rips – you might want to consider selling it. People are always looking for affordable mattresses online, so it’s always worth giving it a go. The proceeds can go towards your brand new mattress.

  • Donate it

There are plenty of charities who can use your donated mattress to help people in need. You can drop it off at large charity shops, and some charities even offer a pick-up service. This is by far the most rewarding way to dispose of your mattress. Sleep Republic donates their returned mattresses to the Salvation Army.

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