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A mattress in a box? Seriously?



Better nights roll out from each Sleep Republic box. It starts with ordering your mattress online. Then, the box arrives at your doorstep the very same day (!), waiting for you to unravel the magic. Dreamy, isn’t it?

Our happy customers think so.

They love that getting their new mattress is fuss-free–no need to leave their couch and no need to wait for ages for a dedicated delivery slot.

The unboxing experience is truly entertaining, like an awesome magic trick you love to watch again and again.

Back in the day, getting a new mattress into your place required the effort of at least two people. So you’ll be grateful that your new mattress comes in a compact package when it knocks on your door.elves-carrying-mattress

Oh, and one more thing…we’ve also put wheels on our Sleep Republic box so you won’t need an extra pair of hands to bring it to your room. Sweet!

How is packing a mattress in a box even possible?

You mean how do we get the mattress – springs, latex, memory foam, and all – inside a box roughly the size of a golf bag? We’ve got one word for it: Magic.

We use clinically proven* magic. Any further questions? No? Excellent. 🙂unboxing-mattress

Does it damage the mattress or reduce its performance in any way?

Absolutely not!

Did we mention we use magic? Well, our little bit of wizardry is pretty flawless, which is why our mattress performs excellently even if it once lived in a box.

We have dedicated years to finding the best materials available to create the mattress that offers optimal sleep support, comfort, and durability. And we made sure packing the entire thing in a box doesn’t change any of those elements.

What if you change your mind and want to return the mattress?

Well, stuffing the mattress back inside the box is impossible (unless you can pull off a particularly good Hercules impression!).

But don’t worry. We offer a 100-day trial, so if for any reason you don’t like our mattress (though we’re pretty sure the odds are low), simply give us a call. Sleep Republic will come to your place and do our magic!

So, there you have it. One perfect mattress in the perfect (magic) packaging.